Set up Office 365 email in Outlook and Import Gmail

After you connect your domain to Microsoft 365 and email is working, you’re ready to set up Outlook for your Microsoft 365 email, calendar, and contacts.

Go to the start menu and type outlook.

when outlook opens, you will see your old gmail g suite account that was set up earlier. To bring these emails into Microsoft 365, you must import them using Outlook. select file, open & export, then import/export to open the import and export wizard.

choose export to a file, then next.

then choose outlook data file and next.

make sure your inbox is selected and that you have checked to include subfolders. then next.

choose browse and save this backup file to an easy location, like your desktop.

select ok, then finish.

You can skip the password hint and select ok.

Now that the backup file is created, you can delete your gmail account from outlook as you cannot add another account with the same address to it.

select file, account settings and account settings again.

Before you can delete the account, you must first create a new data file by selecting data files, add, give it a different name, and ok.

go back to the email tab in the account settings dialog and select delete.

select yes to continue, then close the dialog.

It’s always a good idea to close and restart outlook at this point.

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You can now add your new Microsoft 365 email account to Outlook. select file, add account, type your email address in the field provided, click connect, type your email password and login .

leave the checkbox selected to allow your organization to manage your device. select yes to use this account everywhere in microsoft 365. select done and then ok for the exchange message. you can add another account to outlook or select done.

You start to see your new emails from Microsoft 365 arrive in Outlook.

to import your old g suite gmail, select file, open & export and import/export.

select import from another program or file, next, outlook data file, next, search the location where you saved the backup file and select open. then next.

verify that you are importing the file to the correct inbox and select finish.

You now see all your imported g suite emails, calendar, and contacts in your new microsoft 365 email account.

You will no longer need this data file, so right-click and close it. You are done importing your emails, calendar and contacts into outlook.

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