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Once you’ve verified your domain and created users, you’ll be able to send email from domain-based accounts. however, you will not be able to receive emails until you set up mx records for your domain. this help guide will help you understand the role mx records play in your email operations and walk you through the setup process.

about mx records

mx entries are special dns server records that designate recipient email servers for your domain. MX records are the resource entries in your domain’s DNS, which transmit information from the email server to other DNS servers on the web, which then send emails to your domain. you can change mx records after creating all user accounts and email addresses in zoho mail.

Initially, it might be a good idea to set up a temporary email address to avoid missing any emails. once you have verified the creation of each account, you can change the mx records for your domain.

This page provides step-by-step instructions for adding mx records for certain domain providers. Select your domain provider from the list or follow the general instructions provided by the guidelines for changing MX records. If you are still unsure about your DNS settings, you should contact your DNS provider’s support portal. contact them, provide the zoho mx record details (the url of this page) and ask them to update it for your domain on your behalf.

configure mx records

one-click verification:

In the one-click verification method, you can set up your domain’s mx records in a few simple steps. In the domain verification step, if you already did the one-click verification, you can also set the mx, spf, and dkim records using this simple method.

Currently, one-click verification is only available for 1 & 1 and godaddy domain holders.

manual verification:

Follow these steps to change the mx records for your domain. the terminology used here is generalized and may vary depending on your provider.

  1. Log in to the domain registrar web portal pointed to by your domain’s nameserver.
  2. Start the dns manager/ domain management page / dns control panel of your account, which lists all the domains you have registered.
  3. locate the mx records/ email servers/ option email settings (for help, see your provider’s help pages or get support from your registrar).
  4. remove any existing entries you may have.
  5. select the add record option.
  6. specify the value in the name field / host as @ or leave blank.
  7. specify the value of the first record as
  8. set the priority and n 10 or less as supported by your registrar.
  9. follow the same steps to add another mx record for your domain.
  10. for ensu to fix delivery to your domain, only the mx records provided below should be listed.


    address/mail server/mx entries/value


    @/ blank/ domain name


    @/ blank/ domain name


    @/ blank/ domain name


    multiple mx records: why and how they work:

    multiple mx records does not deliver emails to multiple servers. Regardless of the number of records you have configured, emails are sent to the MX record with the lowest priority as returned by your domain’s DNS server. in case the lowest priority is disconnected or not accepting emails, only then the next server will be used.

    Additional mx servers are redundant for backing up mx records or for service administrators to make architecture and configuration changes.

    troubleshoot email delivery

    cannot receive emails even after changing mx records:

    will start receiving emails only if the mx records are set up correctly. If you added the mx records but still can’t receive emails, please check the following:

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