You cannot use google authenticator with a yahoo email

Google Authenticator is actually a free security application that can safeguard your accounts against password theft. It is quite simple to set up and one can be used in a procedure known as two-factor authentication provided on famous services such as Yahoo Mail. Before moving ahead with the procedure to add yahoo email to Google authenticator, let’s have a look at some steps which you have to follow before you start.

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You must have a secret key (Two-Factor Authentication obtaining secret key)The Authenticator app must be installed on a device which has one of the following OSApple iOS 7.0 or a more updated versionAndroid 2.2 or more updated version


Open the Google Authenticator app from your deviceTap on Begin setup > Manual entry and after that, enter the following detailsYou will need to give a name for the accountThe secret key provided in the emailNow, tap on the check-mark iconTo Add Yahoo Mail to the Google Authenticator, you will need to follow a few steps given below

If you enable two-step verification, definitely you will need to enter a code every time when you try to login from the browser or new device. You will receive a text code or which will be needed at the time of sign in. The phone number of your user might be different from the time.

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At the starting of the process, go to the account security page details

Enter the details of the two-step authentication in the next step and then, tap on the Toggle button and then, turn it onEnter the details of the mobile numberIn the next move, you have to click on send SMS or call me to get the verification codeMoving ahead, you will need to enter the details of the verification code and tap on verifying itIn the last step, if you found that you can access Yahoo mail from the third-party apps, you have to click on create app passwords and concurrently click on Skip for now

Yahoo customer representatives are working round the clock to serve the reported problems of the users. Therefore, if you are experiencing any issue while adding your Yahoo account with the Google authenticator or your account being accessed or venture from the various locations or your found login details to be modified. In that case, read carefully all the basic steps to get across the issue to add an account with authenticator from the help of Yahoo representatives.

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To transfer Google Authenticator to a new phone

Recently, Google Authenticator made you start from scratch all over again once you got a new phone. But as of May 2020, you easily can transfer all your authenticator “seeds” directly from one Android phone to another one.

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You will need to have both phones with you to do this, and both will require having the advanced version of the Google Authenticator app installed

In the Authenticator app on the old phone, then, tap the menu icon appears in the upper-right and choose Transfer Accounts. Choose Export Accounts, enter the pin appeared on your phone or your fingertip, and choose the accounts to be exported.

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Your old phone will after that creates its own QR code. Keep that on the screen, first of all, open the Authenticator app on the new phone and after that, go to the Transfer Account again. Choose Import Accounts and then, Scan QR code and then, scan the QR code on the old phone with the camera of the new phone and you will be all set. Call on Yahoo Service Care Number UKto get connected with the experts for instant and reliable support.

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