FIX: Windows 8 Mail app not working or syncing [Quick Guide]

Fix Windows 8 Mail app not working

Having issues with the Mail application in Windows 8 is something a lot of users have complained about in their usage of the operating system.

The most common problem is that the mail app will stop syncing with the accounts you have in windows 8.

Therefore, we have decided to explain to you how you can fix your mail application if it periodically crashes when running.

The reasons why your mail app is not working properly is due to the fact that the license you have for a specific app like the mail app might not be in sync with the license you have on the windows 8 operating system.

To fix this problem, you can either run sfc (system file checker) to fix any registry errors you may have or apply other tips listed below.

Also, note that the above solutions can be applied whenever you face these issues:

  • windows 8 mail app not receiving emails – Users around the world report that they no longer receive new messages in their mail app. we recommend using the sfc tool for a quick scan.
  • windows 8 mail app not syncing hotmail: windows 8 mail app users face other issues with the mail app. this includes that it does not sync with hotmail. if that’s the case for you too, try installing the latest updates.
  • windows 8.1 mail app not working – if the mail app just refuses to work, try mailbird may be a smarter choice. ready for a change?

what can i do if windows 8 mail app is not working?

  1. Use a different email client
  2. Install the latest updates
  3. Update your windows store apps
  4. synchronize your licenses
  5. run sfc scan
  6. change your location settings

1. use a different email client

try out Mailbird

While you’re here, you might consider switching to a fully dedicated email client which will make these sync issues a thing of the past.

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In that case, we suggest taking into account mailbird: winner of the most popular mail alternative of 2020. Of course, this is not the only email client you can use on your windows computer.

however, it handles all the basic functions expected from the best email applications and much more than that. when you open it, it will look familiar.

Its neat and intuitive interface is a joy and it also comes with 24/7 multilingual customer support.

With all of this on the table, its standout feature remains the ability to access all of your different email accounts directly from mailbird.

2. install the latest updates

  1. move the mouse cursor to the lower right side of the screen.
  2. from the menu that appears, left click or tap on the settings function >.
  3. now from the settings menu left click or tap the change pc settings option.
  4. find in this next window the update and recovery option and left click or tap on it.
  5. now look for the check now button and left click or tap on it.
  6. the verification process will take up to 10 minutes and then it will give you the updates you need to install.
  7. if you have updates available, left click or tap on the feature install updates to see all available ones.
  8. after the updates have been installed, left-click or tap the end button izar.
  9. restart your windows 8 operating system.
  10. after the device starts to check again if your mail app is working properly.

note: on windows 10, the path to follow is a bit different. to install the latest updates, go to settings > update and security > update and press the check for updates button.

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check for updates

3. update your apps from the microsoft store

  1. From the Start screen, left click or tap on the Store icon.
  2. Move the mouse cursor over to the lower right side of the screen.
  3. Now left click or tap on the Settings feature from the menu that appears.
  4. Find and left click or tap on the App Updates feature on the list.
  5. Turn to Yes the Automatically update my apps feature.update store app automatically
  6. Reboot your operating system after you are done.

4. sync your licenses

  1. From the Start screen of Windows 8, left click or tap on the Store icon.
  2. Move the mouse cursor over to the lower right side of the screen.
  3. From the menu that appears left click or tap on the Settings feature.
  4. Left-click or tap on the App updates feature.
  5. Left-click or tap on the Sync licenses feature.sync app licenses
  6. Now close the windows and right-click or hold tap on the Mail application in the Start screen.
  7. From the submenu left click or tap on the Uninstall feature.
  8. Left-click or tap again on the Uninstall button.
  9. After you finished the uninstall of the application left click or tap on the Store icon presented in the Start window.
  10. In the Store window left click or tap on the Accounts option.
  11. Now find and left click or tap on the My apps option.
  12. Right-click or hold tap on the Mail app and then select to install it.
  13. Reboot the operating system after the Mail app installed.
  14. Check again to see if the application works.

5. run sfc scan

  1. While on the Start screen of your Windows 8.1 start writing the following: Command Prompt.
  2. After the search has finished right-click or hold tap on the Command Prompt icon.
  3. From the menu that appears left click or tap on the Run as Administrator feature.
  4. Now you should have Command prompt window with administrative privileges in front of you.
  5. Write in the command prompt window the following: sfc /scannow.SFC scan
  6. Press the Enter button on the keyboard.
  7. Let the system file checker finish the process.
  8. When the check is done write in the command prompt: Exit.
  9. Press the Enter button on the keyboard.
  10. Reboot your PC.
  11. Check again to see if your Mail app is working properly.
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having problems using the sfc tool? check out this helpful guide dedicated to sfc/scannow issues and get things back on track.

If you’re having trouble accessing the command prompt as an administrator, you’d better take a closer look at this guide.

6. change localization settings

  1. Open Control panel > Select Region. Windows 10 Mail app crashing
  2. Go to the Location tab > set the Home location to your country.Windows 10 Mail not receiving emails
  3. Go to the Administrative tab > Change system locale.
  4. Select your country from the Current system locale menu > hit OK > Apply. Mail app is not working in Windows 10 keeps crashing

You are done, if you carefully followed the steps above, your mail app will start working again. You can also refer to this quick guide to find a solution if you can’t open the control panel.

some users managed to solve their problems with the windows mail application by changing the localization settings.

If you have any other questions regarding this article, you can always write to us in the comments section of the page below and we will help you further.

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