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is your email blocked by gmail? wondering why and how can you stop it? this situation can be very frustrating, resulting in a lot of questioning and searching for answers.

Don’t worry though, you’ll find answers to your questions here. In addition, we will teach you how to prevent this type of situation from happening again in the future.

We all know that gmail is one of the biggest email providers we have. hence the reason why it is very popular. with nearly a billion active users. It’s no wonder why probably 40% or more of the email addresses you have on your lists use Gmail.

Because of this, a big drop in your contacts’ gmail open rates can be alarming. you’re probably wondering, “did my email arrive?”. or “why do these things happen all of a sudden?”.

Usually the simple answer to why you’re seeing lower open rates is that gmail has started flagging or blocking your emails. I know what you’re probably thinking, “but my emails aren’t spam.” to you, your email is not spam, but gmail may see your email as spam.

No one wants to face this scenario, but there’s no need to panic either! In order for you to solve this problem, you first need to understand why gmail is blocking your emails. The purpose of this article is to help you figure out why Gmail is blocking your email.

To solve the problem, you must first determine the problem. Once you have identified the problem, take steps to correct the situation.

We’ll also look at some of the possible reasons why gmail is blocking your email. Not only that, but we’ll also share some tips and options you can use for better email deliverability.

email blocked by gmail? here are some reasons why it’s happening

gmail usually moves legitimate emails to the spam folder or blocks them. however, you can take control of email blocking regardless of the reason. To overcome email blocking challenges in the future, you’ll need to adjust your email program.

This is why it is important to know what is causing gmail to block your emails. once you figure out what’s causing it, you can prevent it from happening again.

These are some possible reasons:

your content looks like spam

Google primarily filters emails with content that appears to be spam.

Gmail’s contextual and stylistic filters make it easy to identify spam. gmail filters can mark the following items as spam.

  • when there are numerous promotional and sales offers in the context
  • bold text is too prevalent in the content
  • has a typo or misspelled words in the subject line
  • excessive use of large font size.
  • subject lines are written in all caps

You should also consider the links you include in your email.

when you write an email, you usually include a link to your website. These links can generate traffic to your website. as well as direct recipients to a landing page or your blog.

As we all know, this is normal and can really help drive traffic to our pages. But even if these links are safe, trustworthy and from your domain, it doesn’t mean that gmail won’t label them as spam.

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Please note that links within the body of an email may cause the email to be blocked. If Google thinks the link is unreliable, it can mark the email as spam.

If you want to include links in your email, it’s a good idea to experiment with them first. you should try adding multiple links or just one link, then see if any of them get checked.

then try placing different links to see if a particular link could be causing your email to be marked as spam.

gmail best practices are not being followed

To ensure you follow best practices, you should be aware of the many Google tools you can use. you can take a look at the spam rate metrics in gmail’s postmaster tools.

In addition, you can provide feedback, reputation, and other factors that can help you determine if you’re following gmail best practices. is a useful tool to help you troubleshoot spam filter related issues.

Your spam complaint rate is high

The number of spam complaints you receive greatly damages your sender’s reputation. this can also affect the delivery rate of your emails.

When filtering emails, the ISP first takes into account the reputation of its sender. there is no reason to panic if your email is marked as spam. your company is not the only one that has experienced spam detection.

You shouldn’t worry too much about that, it just means you need to fix something in your email campaign. in this case, it is not a disaster, but an indication that your email program is not working properly. it is important to address this problem immediately.

here are some things you can do:

  • make sure your opt-out process is working properly. there’s probably some confusion about your opt-out procedure, and for some recipients, clicking the “report spam” button is easier than unsubscribing.
  • if you have an opt-out list, be sure to add them to it, so you will no longer be emailing them.
  • Get rid of the email addresses of subscribers who submitted spam complaints as soon as possible.
  • make sure your message matches what your subscribers expect. Be sure to follow your subscriber preferences.
  • Get notified when recipients click the spam button in your email when you sign up for ISPs feedback loops.

Your email volume has suddenly changed

gmail may block your emails if your email volume suddenly increases. You can appear as a spammer when your email volume increases dramatically. with this gmail will treat your emails as such.

If you want to add or increase your typical volume, it’s best to do it gradually.

To avoid a flood of new emails, it’s better to send them over a period of time rather than sending them all at once.

Doing so will not raise any alarms for sending erratic or inconsistent volumes. email providers will not consider emails originating from your ip address to be unusual.

You can also read Google’s Bulk Sender Guidelines to avoid delivery issues. every time you send emails from a new ip address, you must create a preparation program.

your bounce rate is high

another answer to your question “why does gmail block my email?” the reason may be because you have a high bounce rate.

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Fixing this problem is one of the things you should do. it is imperative that you reduce your email bounce rate.

refers to the number of gmail addresses in your subscriber list that did not receive your email. this could be because your email server bounces back your emails. gmail can block your emails if your bounce rate exceeds 2%

your sender score is low

the domain and ip numbers of the email messages can be added by the internet service provider (isp), which are then centralized.

is used to create a metric called sender score. you can increase your sender score over time. in addition, you can obtain other information such as spam complaints, industry blacklists, etc.

This affects the deliverability of your email. When your Sender Score is high, an ISP is more likely to deliver your emails to Gmail users’ inboxes.

however, the message may end up in a spam folder or be rejected if it has a low sender score. Your sender reputation is determined by a variety of factors, such as:

  • your organization’s email send rate.
  • how many people opted out of your email list.
  • the number of opens, forwards , replies and deletions of your messages
  • you have a high email bounce rate.
  • if your emails have been marked as spam by many recipients.

you are constantly sending emails to invalid addresses

When too many emails are sent to invalid addresses, email deliverability is compromised. you could be categorized as a spammer by gmail. therefore, it is crucial to keep your email lists clean.

In other words, you should regularly check your email list. send your email campaign only to valid and deliverable addresses. follow these simple rules to maintain a clean email list:

  • choose a confirmed subscription method. this can be achieved by using opt-in methods. There are two types of opt-in: single opt-in and double opt-in. Your email list can be protected from incorrect and invalid email addresses when you use correct methods to obtain them.
  • Check the validity of your email list. Before you launch your email campaign, make sure your list is valid and deliverable.
  • process opt-out requests. If a customer unsubscribes, that means they’ve changed their interests or stopped using your products.
  • Be sure to remove the recipient from your list as soon as possible. a short confirmation to let them know that their subscription has been unsubscribed would be even better.
  • It is also possible to clean up your email list with email list cleaning services.

there is a problem with the dns configuration

dmarc, dkim, and spf are the three settings that gmail expects your email domain to resolve. In most cases, if your content and reputation are good, it may be your DNS settings that cause Gmail to block you.

your server ip address has a bad reputation

gmail commonly blocks emails sent from ip addresses that are on the public blacklist. The error can occur if your email is sent from a shared IP address with a bad reputation.

Using a suspended or blacklisted ip address or domain will increase bounce rates and spam complaints. this will have a negative impact on your open rate and your brand reputation.

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When you host your email with a company known for sending spam, you could end up a victim. Even if it’s quite difficult to find a reputable email service provider, it’s worth the effort.

This is how you can fix it:

With a better understanding of the reasons why gmail may be blocking your emails, you can now come up with a strategy to fix it. You can also try the following tips to resolve the issue.

your email list should contain only valid email addresses

gmail blocking issues can be resolved by checking email addresses on your email list. check the validity of email addresses before adding them to your mailing list. this way you can avoid hard bounces.

perform an inbox test and spam filter test before sending your campaign

You can easily test your email marketing performance by running a spam filter and inbox placement. your email will not only perform better, but it will also prevent it from being marked as spam. this way you can see how your message is delivered to internet service providers, including gmail.

send constant volumes of emails

Email providers prefer predictability. if possible, don’t send all the messages at once. try to maintain a predictable volume and pattern of emails when distributing your emails.

ask your gmail users or recipients to add their domain name

Emails may be rejected if the recipient does not allow emails from the sending server’s ip address. To ensure that you are automatically added to the allow list, you can ask your subscribers to add you as a contact.

Consider using an autoresponder

Another effective way to prevent your content from being blocked is to switch to an autoresponder like mailvio. With mailvio, you can automatically send messages to people who are interested in your business. Apart from that, Mailvio has many other services that you can use to improve your email marketing campaign.

is the most effective way to stay connected with your leads and customers. Your goal is to convince them to sign up to receive email information about your business, products, and services.

Investing in an autoresponder is easy, it’s automatic, and you’ll get one of the best returns on your marketing investment.

other than that, here are the main benefits of using autoresponders:

  • measurable results
  • ensure better email deliverability
  • continue marketing without adding more employees
  • follow up flawless no flaws a single customer
  • with little effort, you can build long-term relationships with subscribers
  • constant communication leads to repeat sales.
  • you can ship unlimited emails


google has implemented strict security measures to stop spam and phishing emails. Email marketers must take steps to ensure their messages reach subscribers’ inboxes using the same security features.

To prevent gmail from blocking your email, use a reputable email service provider. Also, make sure the content you’re sending is relevant to the recipient’s preferences. make sure you follow gmail best practices when sending emails.

Starting a new business always comes with its own challenges. email marketing is no exception. We hope you have gained some interesting tips from this article. In addition to that, we hope that you can solve the technical difficulties with gmail.

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