How To See Who Super Liked You On Tinder So You Feel Extra Flattered


How to respond to a super like on tinder?

If you swipe right on someone who super liked you, the best thing to do is to chat like it`s a regular match. You have already shown interest in each other, and there is no point in mentioning it.

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It is a good sign that your match super liked you. However, keep in mind that this is not a guarantee that you will hit it off or go on a date. Furthermore, remember that they might have Tinder Gold and be able to super like someone 5 times a day.

For these reasons, do not threat responding to your match as anything special.

And of course, if you are not interested in the person it`s normal to just swipe left like you would on any other match.

How to message someone you super liked on Tinder?

If you match with someone you super liked, message them like you would message any other match.

Some singles feel that super likes can come of as desperate and there is little need to put any more attention on it.

It can be hard to decide what to say to a girl or guy you super liked on tinder. Keep in mind that if someone swipes right on you, they might have done this regardless of whether you super liked them or not.

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In many cases it might not even have made a difference. That is why I highly recommend not mentioning it to begin with.

How do you know if someone super liked you on Tinder?

It is hard to avoid noticing that you have been super liked. There will be a message and an image that says that you have been super liked and by whom the next time you open the Tinder app.

There will also be a blue border around this match to further indicate that this match is special. If you have been super liked you will not miss it.


Does Super likes work on Tinder?

Tinder has stated that super likes are three times more likely to result in a match and that conversations last 70% longer than normal.

However, there is real life data that would make you think otherwise. Many women find that super like does not make much of a difference in whether they swipe right or left on someone.

Furthermore, some find that the super like do not come across as a genuine way of expressing interest in them. It works more as a cheesy and desperate way to start a conversation. Naturally, this does not lead to a date in most cases.

Thus, it can be hard to determine whether super likes will make much of a difference in the amount of matches you see.

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If you end up going on a Tinder date you can learn more about what to do and expect here.

Are super likes worth it on Tinder?

Super likes do not guarantee that you will get more matches. Many experienced Tinder users agree that paying for Tinder gold for the sake of more super likes is not worth it for most people.

My advice is to avoid paying for gold to get more super likes. If you are going to pay, do so after you have been on Tinder for a while. This is why:

People have had varying experiences with their perception and effectiveness of the feature. There is a good chance it will not be worth it, but it is impossible to tell if this will hold true for you personally.

Thus, the best thing you can do is to experiment with the free version of feature to see whether the 5 daily super likes Tinder gold would give is worth the price.

What happens if you swipe left on a super like?

You are simply not matched with the person when you swipe left on a super like. There are no further notifications and is is treated the same way as a regular swipe.

As I have previously mentioned: remember that a super like is not as big of a deal as it might seem as first. Thus, you should never feel bad about swiping left on someone, regardless of what type of like they gave you.

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All in all, super likes should not be paid too much attention to when using Tinder.

In some cases they might lead to matches that would not have otherwise happened. However, You can never tell unless you ask; and usually you are better of by not asking.

My recommendation is to experiment with the feature without paying for additional likes and see how it works for you.

Also, remember that there are always a lot of things you can do to increase your chances of getting matches. You will be better of by perfecting your profile and focusing on improving your conversational skills rather than relying on gimmicks such as super likes.

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I have written several articles on getting the most out of Tinder`s free version. To learn more about how to increase your chances of scoring a date without spending any money read this article.

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