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Please do not submit this checklist with your Form I-864. it is an optional tool to use while preparing your form, but it does not replace the legal, regulatory and instructional requirements of the form. We recommend that you review these requirements before completing and submitting your form. Do not submit original documents unless specifically requested in the form instructions or applicable regulations.

If you are submitting any document (copies or original documents, if requested) in a foreign language, you must include a full English translation along with a certification from the translator verifying that the translation is complete and accurate, and that they are competent to translate from the foreign language to English.

presentation checklist

Did you provide the following?

for all sponsors:

  • a copy of your federal individual tax return, including w-2s for the most recent tax year, or a statement and/or evidence describing why you were not required to file. also include a copy of each 1099 form, schedule, and any other evidence of reported income. You can submit this information from the last three tax years, pay stubs from the last six months, and/or a letter from your employer if you think any of these items will help you qualify.

for some sponsors:

  • if you are currently self-employed, a copy of your most recent federal income tax return schedule c, d, e or f that establishes your business income.
  • If you are sponsoring more than one prospective immigrant listed on the same affidavit of support, photocopies of the original affidavit of support may be submitted for any additional prospective immigrants listed. Copies of supporting documentation are not required for these family members.
  • if you are the requesting sponsor and are on active duty in the us. uu. armed forces or united states coast guard and you are sponsoring your spouse or child using 100% of the federal poverty guidelines, proof of your active military status.
  • if you are using the income of people in your household or dependents to qualify, an i-864a form for each person whose income you will use. however, a prospective immigrant whose income is being used should complete Form I-864a only if their spouse and/or children are immigrating with them.
  • proof of each household member’s residency in your household and relationship to you if they are not prospective immigrants or listed as dependents on your federal income tax return for the most recent tax year .
  • proof that the future immigrant’s current employment will continue with the same source if their income is used.
  • a copy of each household member’s individual federal income tax return, including forms w-2 and 1099, for the most recent tax year, or evidence that they were not required to file . you can submit this information for the most recent three years if you think it will help you qualify.
  • if using your assets or the assets of a household member to qualify, documentation of assets establishing location, ownership, date acquired and value. evidence of any lien or liability against these assets.
  • a separate Form I-864a for each household member using assets other than for the prospective immigrant.
  • If you are a joint sponsor, substitute sponsor, or relative of an employment-based immigrant who requires an affidavit of support, proof of your u.s. citizenship status, lawful permanent resident status, or us status. uu. National state.
  • for US citizens or US nationals, a copy of your birth certificate, passport, or certificate of naturalization or citizenship.
  • For Lawful Permanent Residents, a copy of both sides of your Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (also known as a Green Card).
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If your legal guardian is signing this Form I-864 for you, the legal guardian must submit:

  • proof of appointment as legal guardian of your estate; and
  • a copy of an order from the court or agency that appointed you that specifically allows the legal guardian to make your income and assets available for the support of the sponsored immigrant.

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