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Although many of us prefer the speed of texting and email for quick communication, standard mail remains a popular choice, especially when it comes to sending more than just a note. More than 13 billion pieces of mail and packages were sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS) during the past holiday season. It didn’t exactly run smoothly: The USPS has recently come under fire for mail delivery delays in various parts of the country, which the service says is a result of the Covid pandemic and staffing shortages. now, customers may be frustrated to learn that the postal service has made a new change that could also affect their mail. Read on to find out what the USPS no longer allows.

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The USPS is no longer allowing customers to buy Priority Mail Prepaid Flat Rate Stamped Envelopes, eSeller 365 first reported on Jan. 12. The agency initially announced that it was phasing out this shipping option in Aug. 2021. “The envelope, which is only sold online … will remain available until January or while supplies last,” the USPS said at the time. Now, when you click on a link for the product online, it is no longer available on the agency’s website.

sara martin, a usps spokeswoman, told linn’s stamp news that customers who want to use any of the remaining prior mail prepaid flat rate prepaid envelopes will need to add postage to the sealed envelope, since that the printed postage will no longer reflect the exact price of the postal service.ae0fcc31ae342fd3a1346ebb1f342fcb

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According to the USPS announcement, the prepaid flat rate stamped enveloped had been sold since 2003. But the mail service chose to discontinue production of this shipping product last year, which is why it is no longer available for purchase. “The Postal Service is discontinuing the envelope because orders have steadily declined over the years, while production and fulfillment costs continued to rise,” the USPS explained.

martin said this was the last prepaid flat rate envelope with priority postage the usps would offer. “A return-on-investment analysis conducted in February 2021 determined that it is in the postal service’s best interest to discontinue production of prepaid postage flat-rate envelopes,” he told Linn’s Stamp News.lose-up of US Postal Service (USPS) Boxes and Express Mail Envelope stacked together. USPS delivery is operated by the United States government and ships and delivers express, priority and standard mail across the country and to other countries world-wide.


Last year, the Postal Service also made changes to the sizes of some of its shipping products. According to Linn’s Stamp News, the USPS revealed that it had trimmed the dimensions of some of its boxes and envelopes by as much as a quarter of an inch in late September. For examples, the agency’s large Priority Mail flat rate box was shrunk to 12 inches from 12 and one-fourth inches. And its Priority Mail Express Tyvek envelopes were reduced in length from 15 and one-eighth inches to 15 inches.

“Changing the dimensions will allow boxes and envelopes to be processed more efficiently, increase visibility and reduce the need for manual package sorting,” the USPS said in a statement.

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Alongside one of the first discontinued products of the new year, several USPS price changes were put into effect on Jan. 9. The new prices affect Priority Mail flat-rate boxes in several sizes, as well as Priority Mail regular, legal, and padded flat-rate envelopes. According to the agency, the overall changes raise prices for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express service by 3.1 percent.

however, two shipping options faced a price reduction due to the new changes. “Flat-rate big box prices for priority mail and military mail will drop 40 cents,” the USPS said. Price changes for cards, letters, and flat-ship products were last implemented in August. 2021.

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