How to Get Gmail Notifications on Your Mac or PC

When you get tons of emails every day, it can be easy to miss the important ones.

If you want to monitor your incoming messages without obsessively checking your inbox, you can set up desktop notifications for gmail. this means that you will receive a notification on your computer desktop every time you receive a new email.

is ideal if you want to see each new message without interrupting what you’re doing. desktop notifications for gmail works whether you use mac or pc in chrome, safari and firefox browsers. here’s how to get started.

first, open gmail in your web browser and click the little gear icon in the top right corner as shown below.

select the configuration option from the dropdown menu.

this takes you to the general tab in the settings menu. from there, scroll down to find the “desktop notifications” category.

now you will see that there are three options available for email. the first option, “new mail notifications on”, will send a notification to your desktop every time a new message arrives.

as you can see, here you can also toggle desktop notifications for gchat.

The second option, “important mail notifications on”, only alerts you if a message marked as important arrives. gmail uses a few different factors to decide which emails are important, like who you email with the most opens, what kind of keywords pique your interest, and which emails you respond to.

the last option allows you to disable desktop notifications. that is the option selected by default before enabling desktop notifications. After choosing the best for you, you may need to press the “click here to enable desktop notifications for gmail” button the first time you set this up, as shown below.

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then you will see this message appear at the top of your screen. choose “allow”.

after that, hit the “save changes” button at the bottom of the screen.

now you’re ready to go! this is what those desktop notifications will look like when you receive an email.

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