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Design your unique và professional HTML tin nhắn signatures for you and company easily withimãng cầu few minutes with HimaSign. Maximize your business opportunities by applying our HimaSignSignature Software và our existing HTML gmail signature templateslớn customize all your tin nhắn signatures online.

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1. DashboardDashboard is tin nhắn signature management of the HImaSign software. After loggin khổng lồ your HimaSign tài khoản from your computer or di động, you can easily create your own email signatures with Dasboard. There is a lot of tools available for you lớn create, edit, duplicate, tải về and remove sầu your signature.
2. Email Signature TemplatesThere are a lot of existing email signature template designs in HimaSign Signature Software. All of them are designed, tested to make sure that all of them compatible with all current email types.In addition, you can easily customize the designs as you want. Also, we always update and add new templates to lớn meet all your demand.
3. Automatically Generated VcardsIf you’re interested in using Vcards, HimaSign will be your favorite one. This tin nhắn signature creator can automatically generate Vcards for you. You just need to lớn add a Vcards ibé khổng lồ your gmail signature. After that, your Vcards will be auto-generated based on the information in your gmail signature.
4. Add social media icons và upload your own custom onesWith HimaSign, you can add various social truyền thông media icons and connect them to lớn your social links of the popular networks. You can not only choose the current HimaSign Design inhỏ but also can upload your Custom Design.This feature will surly bright your gmail signature và get more traffic and subscribers lớn your tín đồ pages.
5. Duplicate or copy tin nhắn signaturesHave sầu you ever thought about how much time it takes to lớn create email signature one by one for hundred or even thousands of staffs in your company? Now with HimaSign, you can save sầu your time dramatically.After creating your first tin nhắn signature and customize it, you can simply duplicate or copy to lớn make others one. All you want to lớn bởi is just change the name of the staffs then save sầu it.Now, your staffs’ tin nhắn signature is more professional.
6. Track clicks khổng lồ your website from your gmail signatureHimaSign also helps you khổng lồ traông chồng clicks lớn your website from your email signature. It supplies you the option lớn turn on the Google Analytics and then you can add campaign code into your website links.By this way, you can get more traffic and reports straight to lớn your own Google Analytics account.
7. Customize the labelsHimaSign is a great software that supports all language. It allows you to customize the labels with any text in any language you want.After being changed, the labels will automatically adjust based on the text you use.
8. Browser Extension for Gmail, Outlook.com, Outlook Office 365, AOL Mail & Yahoo! MailTo make you use HimaSign signature convenience, we have developer it lớn be compatible with all current browser extension easily & quickly for Gmail, Outlook.com, Outlook Office 365, AOL Mail và Yahoo! Mail. Moreover, your gmail signature available for any website browser from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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9. Add images to your gmail signature easilyImage is one of the most powerful things that can attract audiences’ attention. In HimaSign, you can easily add image khổng lồ your email signature. In addition, you can link the image khổng lồ trang web or the one you want.It’s super easy for you to upload image, then crop và resize in your tin nhắn signature using user friendly HimaSign uploader. Moreover, you can circle or square crop your images to lớn make the image more beautiful.
10. Turn on/off short linksAn gmail signature with long liên kết doesn’t look professional. Especially, many kind of tin nhắn limit the characters in the gmail signature. Therefore, using short liên kết is a good way lớn have sầu more rooms for all the ones you want. In HimaSign, you can easily turn on or off the short liên kết to meet your expectation.
11. Works with all major email clientsNot all people use the same tin nhắn type, and your customers too. Luckily, HimaSign works with all major email clients such as Gmail, Outlook.com, Outlook Office 365, AOL Mail và Yahoo! Mail. This ensures that your tin nhắn signature looks good for your customers no matter which type of email they use.
12. All images hosted on fast CDNLoading image in an tin nhắn signature sometimes is a big problem. However, now with HimaSign, all images are hosted on fast CND & all of them will be load much faster in your clients’ gmail.
13. E-Mail signature apps There are a lot of applications for you to choose in the HimaSign Dashboard. We have collected from the most popular sale applications that can help you much on your marketing chiến dịch.You just need to lớn choose the one you want và take advantages of it then enjoy the effectiveness of the apps in your email signature.
14. Circle crop your gmail signature imagesAfter uploading the image, you can crop, reform size the or choose the roundness for your logo/avatar. With this feature, you will get an impressive logo/avatar that can meet your expectation.
15. Use animated gifs in your tin nhắn signatureUsing animated gifs is a great way to lớn convey what you mean và grasp audiences’ attention. You can use the animated gifs in your email signature as logo sản phẩm or profile pictures or in your banner image too.
16. E-Mail signature designIn HimaSign, you can kiến thiết your tin nhắn signature simply in tab Settings in your Dasdboard with many tools. Hima Sign let you lớn style the Typography, Signature Background & Signature Màu sắc. Therefore, when using Hima Sign, you’re able to style and custom the signature according khổng lồ your hình ảnh và brand.

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17. Add your own tương tác details & sort contact fieldsIn HimaSign, you can easily customize your protệp tin. It allows you to add more tương tác fields in the order you want.Now your liên hệ details will look better in your tin nhắn signature.
18. Add banners & promotional images khổng lồ your email signaturesIn addition to the applications in the Dashboard, you can add your own banner and promotional images into your tin nhắn signatures as the original thiết kế.These are outstanding features of HimaSign. Also, there are a lot of great one in this software waiting for you to discover.Let’s take it and maximize your business opportunities!



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