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The coronavirus pandemic has already affected the primary election, and some election officials are considering increasing vote-by-mail options for the upcoming primary and general election. On March 20, 2020, EAC President Ben Hovland moderated a discussion with state and county election officials about factors officials should consider to increase voting by mail. Officials discussed their experiences with voting by mail and their thoughts on timelines, staffing, facilities, vendors, and working with the us. uu. postal service, and other considerations.

  • presentation – interview 1: Preliminary planning to increase mail-in/absentee voting capacity – potential response to covid19
  • Interview 2: Preliminary Planning for Increasing Voting by Mail/Absentee Voting Capacity: Potential Response to Covid19
  • Interview 3: Improving Communications to Increase Voting by Mail/Absentee Voting: Potential Response to Covid19
  • Interview 4: Managing the Increase in Absentee and Mail-in Voting at the County Level: Potential Covid19 Response
  • Interview 5: Handling Absentee Ballot Requests to Increase Voting by Mail
  • interview 6: emergency electoral laws and covid-19

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usps resources

note: tell voters to assume a week for usps delivery! this message should be consistently communicated to voters using mail-in ballots.

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