Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset [2022 Updated]

I have an android device that I use every day and it is linked to my google account. the problem is that i lost the password of that google account and i can’t recover it using my pc. now i need to know how to bypass the google account verification or factory reset protection that comes with my phone. How do I fix this error?

It’s quite inconvenient to get stuck on your account verification page after you’ve restarted your device, especially if you don’t remember the google account details you entered earlier. so, if you can’t access your google gmail account and can’t verify, here you can get the detailed steps to bypass google account verification after reboot on android. includes bypassing google account verification with/without a computer. let’s start to find out what verify your account or google account verification is!

can you skip google account verification after reboot?

if you factory reset a phone without disabling factory reset protection, google lock will start. google will lock your phone until google account verification is bypassed. so can google verification be bypassed?

you can easily bypass it with your email or phone. If you forgot google account information, you can also bypass google account with some other methods which we described in this post. let’s dive!!

skip google account verification after reset samsung

first, to bypass google account verification after resetting samsung, an easier option is droidkit. because it provides you a samsung frp bypass tool to remove google accounts on all samsung phones and tablets. after bypassing google account verification, you can remove the old google account completely from your device and sign in another google account to enjoy all google services again.

with droidkit, you can remove google lock on your phone immediately. no need to send your device to a technician and wait days before getting it back. It is compatible with all Samsung phones and tablets running Android OS 6-12. the tool is available for both windows and mac.

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Steps to bypass google account verification after reset:

step 1. get frp bypass tool

download and install droidkit on your windows pc or mac > preview droidkit and select frp bypass.

step 2. connect your samsung

Once you are at the frp bypass screen, connect your phone and press the start button.

step 3. start bypassing and enter recovery mode

After that, it will start to prepare the configuration file for your device. once the brewing process is complete, press the start skip button. then follow the instructions shown in the image to put your device into recovery mode.

step 4. click download now to get the firmware

Once you’re in recovery mode, select your system version and tap the download now button.

step 5. complete the corresponding configuration

To get started, clear the cache partition on your samsung mobile device. then follow the full instructions in the droidkit interface.

step 6. samsung google frp skipped

After completing the above steps, the device will reboot and the frp lock will also be removed successfully.

how to bypass google account verification

how to bypass a google account on android

1. via google keyboard (for android 6 and earlier)

step 1. on the google verification page, click the cursor on the blank space of email or phone to launch the keyboard.

step 2. press and hold the “@” character on the keyboard.

Step 3. When the android keyboard settings appear, click on it.

step 4. click on the three dots and choose “help & feedback”.

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step 5. click “use google keyboard” option and select any text on this page, then click “web search”.

step 6. enter “settings” and choose “about phone”.

step 7. find the build number and tap it 7 times.

step 8. go back to the previous menu and click on the developer option.

step 9. enable oem unlock.

step 10. reboot your device and connect with wi-fi. you will find that the google verification is skipped and you just need to add a new google account now.

2. via sim card

step 1. insert a sim card into your android.

step 2. call your sim card number using another phone.

step 3. accept the call on your android.

Step 4. Click on the number and add it to your new contact.

Step 5. When you open “add contact”, enter a string of numbers and save.

step 6. you need to create a new google account to save it. later reboot your android and google verification will be skipped.

bypass google account from phone without pc

To avoid account verification, you must first disable factory reset protection before factory reset. When you set up a device with your Google account, this feature is immediately enabled. Although few people are aware of this, we believe that Google has made it a default feature to make it easier for consumers.

just follow the steps below:

  1. first, unlock your device and go to “settings”.
  2. now tap on “cloud & accounts” and then tap on the “accounts” option.
  3. search your google account and select it.
  4. click the three dots in the upper right corner, then select “delete account” (you may receive a verification request).

after confirming that your account is removed from this device (but if you want to go elsewhere, your existing google account is intact), your frp function will also be removed from the device.

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does factory reset delete google account?

not. a factory reset cannot remove the previously synced google account; however, it will start the verification of the google account. That’s why this post was created. droidkit will absolutely skip google account verification after reboot with pc. after that, you can sign in with a new email and password to enjoy google services normally.

is there a qr code to bypass google account?

There is a qr code for you to log in to a computer, to avoid entering your google account and password and protect private information. however, if you are stuck on google account verification, you cannot login with a qr code. because you need to use the camera to scan the qr code and login. however, your phone is now locked by frp lock.

how do i disable frp lock without using a computer?

You can remove frp lock without a computer using frp removal service or frp bypass apk.

the end result

google account verification protects your data by preventing others from erasing your phone if it’s stolen. basically your goal is to make it harder for someone else to use your phone if it gets stolen. However, as mentioned in the above article, there are situations when you need to skip the Google account verification process. Obviously, there are a plethora of options available to help you overcome this problem.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you need to bypass your google verification, look no further than droidkit- samsung frp bypass as it is a very reliable option to bypass google account verification after a crash. reboot.

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