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The next section explores 10 online pharmacies in more detail.

best pickup service: blink health

blink health offers local pickup at participating pharmacies, including albertsons, safeway and walmart. In addition, the company also delivers prescriptions at home.

accepts insurance and provides free shipping and pharmacy consultations.

prices and services

blink health offers prescriptions for certain health needs, such as:

  • erectile dysfunction: generic viagra, generic cialis and more from $19.95 for ten tablets.
  • contraceptives: sprintec, tri-lo-sprintec, microgestin fe and more from $1.07 for three tablets.
  • cold sores: generic valtrex from $14.60 for 30 tablets.
  • high cholesterol: lipitor, atorvastatin, simvastatin and more from $4.87 for 15 tablets.

best for insurance options: pillpack

amazon pharmacy owns pillpack, which works with doctors and insurance providers to manage and fill prescriptions.

also offers pharmaceutical assistance, automatic refills and free shipping.

prices and services

pillpack accepts most insurance policies. the company recommends that someone sign up online or call to discuss coverage.

People can also pay out of pocket. pillpack claims that it will try to find the lowest price through discounts. the company states that it accepts most copay coupons.

pillpack accepts flexible savings accounts and health savings accounts as a form of payment. people can choose which billing date is most convenient for them.

best for amazon prime members: amazon pharmacy

available to prime members, this service claims low prices and offers free 2-day delivery.

prices and services

amazon pharmacy offers prescription medications for several health conditions, including:

  • acid reflux
  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • asthma
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • li>
  • hair loss
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • hypothyroidism
  • viral infection

accepts insurance and uses discreet packaging. amazon pharmacy claims to offer medications for as little as $1 a month. also offers a 6-month supply of most medications.

Clients can choose to pay for their medications with their primary account.

best for over-the-counter drugs: sanitary warehouse

health warehouse offers generic alternatives to more expensive drugs.

The pharmacy is accredited in all 50 states and offers expert help Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 5 p.m. m. Eastern Standard Time. does not charge for shipping.

prices and services

sanitary warehouse offers the following services:

  • pharmacy: create, refill, and transfer prescriptions, as well as a variety of prescription medications for humans and pets.
  • diabetic supplies: offers test strips, glucose meters, insulin syringes, and pen needles.
  • otc medications: over-the-counter medications for allergies, pain, diet, nutrition, pets, and wellness general.
  • Home Medical Supplies: including syringes, medical alert bracelets, first aid kits, incontinence pads, and more.

however, the site does not accept insurance. health warehouse claims this means it can sell drugs at lower prices.

best retail pharmacy: walmart pharmacy

walmart pharmacy offers free standard shipping, $4 prescriptions for a wide range of medications, and transfer services for existing prescriptions.

prices and services

walmart pharmacy offers 30 and 90 day supplies of medication for the following health needs:

  • cholesterol: fenofibrate, gemfibrozil, simvastatin and atorvastatin.
  • diabetes: glimepiride, glipizide, metformin and pioglitazone.
  • digestion: metoclopramide, meclizine, omeprazole, and promethazine.
  • family planning: noretrindone, sprintec, and tri-sprintec.
  • Heart health and blood pressure: atenolol, benazepril, lisinopril, warfarin, and more.
  • mental health: amitriptyline, citalopram , donepezil, sertraline, and more.
  • thyroid: levothyroxine.
  • vitamins and nutrition: folic acid and folbee tablets.

Insurance accepted, including those with medicare. As noted above, Walmart Pharmacy says prescriptions start at $4, and those on Medicare may qualify for $0 copays.

best for medication management: simple medications

simple meds accepts most forms of insurance and works directly with doctors and insurance companies to dispense medications.

The company also offers pharmaceutical consultations. does not advertise the shipping cost.

prices and services

simple meds does not provide examples of the prescriptions it fills. however, the company states that it will ship a 30-day supply of medication each month.

Each month, the pharmacy will sort one person’s medications into personalized packages. the package will have the day, time, and amount of medicine a person should take.

best price comparison feature: bee health

honeybee health allows users to compare drug prices and transfer prescriptions. shipping is free, packaging is discreet, and orders typically arrive within 7-10 business days.

prices and services

honeybee health offers medications for the following health needs:

  • medical abortion: a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol.
  • anxiety: bupropion, fluoxetine, and sertraline.
  • depression: bupropion, fluoxetine and sertraline.
  • hypothyroidism: levothyroxine, synthroid and armor thyroid.
  • erectile dysfunction: sildenafil and tadalafil.
  • hair loss: finasteride.
  • migraine and headache: sumatriptan.
  • pain: gabapentin, tizanidine and celecoxib.
  • type 2 diabetes: metformin.
  • high blood pressure: lisinopril, lisinopril-hctz, and spironolactone.
  • high cholesterol: atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, and ezetimibe.
  • acid reflux: pantoprazole and esomeprazole.
  • asthma: fluticasone or salmeterol.
  • copd: albuterol.
  • adhd: atomoxetine.
  • epilepsy: levetiracetam.
  • hormone replacement therapy: testosterone- cypionate and testosterone.
  • opioid use disorder: buprenorphine.
  • insomnia: zolpidem, zolpidem extended-release, and zaleplon .
  • obesity: diethylpropion and phentermine.

The company also says that people can compare the prices of generic drugs from different manufacturers to choose the type and cost that suits their needs.

however, honeybee does not accept insurance.

best for a rewards program: cvs pharmacy

After you sign in, a person fills out your prescription and the service notifies you via text when it’s ready.

Delivery is free and orders can be ready the same day or within 1-2 days.

prices and services

CVS Pharmacy does not provide a list of the health conditions and medications it offers.

However, the company offers free health screenings throughout the country through its mobile care units.

In addition, people can sign up for extracare pharmacy & health rewards program and earn up to $50 to spend on prescriptions. they can also earn rewards for filling prescriptions and receiving vaccinations.

The company accepts most insurance plans.

best for telehealth appointments: geniusrx

geniusrx offers online doctor appointments for a small fee to help people get the right prescription.

Delivery is free and orders arrive in 1-5 days.

prices and services

geniusrx carries medications for various health needs, such as:

  • mental health: sertraline, bupropion and escitalopram oxalate, from $0.32 per dose.
  • alzheimer: donepezil hydrochloride and galantamine hydrobromide, starting at $0.31 per dose.
  • arthritis: meloxicam, prednisone, and methotrexate sodium, starting at from $0.07 per dose.
  • cholesterol: simvastatin, atorvastatin calcium, rosuvastatin calcium, and lovastatin, starting at $0.08 per dose.
  • diabetes: metformin, repaglinide and nateglinide, from $0.07 per dose.
  • erectile dysfunction: tadalafil, sildenafil citrate and vardenafil, starting at $1 per dose.
  • high blood pressure: metoprolol tartrate, lisinopril and valsartan , starting at $0.06 per dose.
  • menopause: paroxetine, premarin and micronized progesterone, starting at $0.17 per dose.
  • contraceptives: norgestimate-ethinyl estradiol and tri femynor, starting at $0.25 per dose.

The company does not accept insurance.

best range of products: costco pharmacy

A person can order from anywhere in the US. uu. delivery is free and can take 6-14 days, but one person can pay for expedited shipping.

prices and services

costco pharmacy offers a variety of prescription medications for humans and pets. it also sells licensed generic drugs and provides custom compounded drugs.

The company accepts most insurance plans.

plus, people with costco cards can take advantage of more discounts on medications.

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