Does Tinder Screenshot S? Does Tinder Notify Screenshots

The “Screenshot” Fear

Does Tinder notify screenshots to the person you’re chatting with?

If you want to snap awkward convos to post on meme pages…

Or post in (our free) Facebook groupfor advice on your Tinder Opener…

First you need to know if you’re safe doing so.

Watching: Tinder screenshot

We”ve divided this up in to two sections.

Profile screenshot. And Conversation Screenshot.

Here”s where things are at:


Can someone see if you screenshot their profile?

No worrying required.

Tinder does not notify a user if someone takes a screenshot of their profile.




Can someone see if you screenshot the convo?

Here’s the more important question.

Considering a Tinder convo is private there’d be a flag if you take a screenshot of it.

This is not the case.

There is no notification of any kind of taking a screenshot of a Tinder conversation.

Unlike Snapchat or Instagram.

So for now, fire away.

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Share Your Screenshots

In any event, if you do decide to take a screenshot:

You’re welcome to post it in 100% private Own Your Online Dating Facebook group.

You’ll get feedback and advice on what to say next, how to get her number, or whatever questions you have.

Also, if you’re getting no matches on Tinder you can find out why.

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It’s really common too that guys don’t get responses to their opening message.

So be sure to check out our article of 25 screenshot examples of awesome Tinder openers.

If Tinder Changes It’s Policy…

At any moment, Tinder might change their mind.

And start to notify users of screenshots.

This article is up to date (2021.)

We’ll change the article here the minute it happens.

So if you’re reading this, know that you’re in the clear.

Tinder does not notify if you take a screenshot.

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