Suddenly all my labels have disappeared

The last thing anyone who depends on their gmail client wants is for messages lớn suddenly start disappearing. And that’s exactly what seems khổng lồ be happening khổng lồ some Gmail users. Namely, some of them reported that Gmail messages are missing even without being deleted or archived. If you are ahy vọng them, make sure lớn kiểm tra the steps we listed below và try & retrieve sầu missing messages.

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Cheông chồng Archive sầu, Spam, và TrashCheck FiltersMake sure that emails are not forwardedEnsure that your tài khoản is not compromised

Why have sầu my emails disappeared from my Gmail inbox?

1. Chechồng Archive, Spam, & Trash

The first thing khổng lồ vày if some emails are missing from your Gmail is to lớn kiểm tra 3 usual folders where many messages over up. Those are Archive sầu, Spam, and Trash folders.
So, make sure that you haven’t archived, flagged as spam, or plain deleted emails from your account. Or, if someone else did it, you might still be able khổng lồ locate them in the said folders.
You can tìm kiếm for all messages from all senders (including Spam & Trash folders) by adding in:everywhere commvà in the tìm kiếm bar, before entering senders/subjects/details.

2. Cheông xã Filters

Moving on, we’ll need you to lớn sign lớn your Gmail account in a browser và kiểm tra for possible filters that automatically delete or ignore emails from certain senders. This, of course, needs to lớn be configured by you, và if you never meddled with filters, you can safely skip this step altogether.But, for the sake of troubleshooting, here’s how lớn kiểm tra if there are any filters set:
From a browser on your Android (with desktop mode) or PC, open Gmail.In the top right, cliông xã Settings.Exp& all settings.Select the Filters & Blocked Addresses tab.


Remove all filters that include the words “Delete it” or “Skip Inbox.” Just click Delete next lớn a filter.Follow further on-screen instructions và save sầu changes.

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3. Make sure that emails are not forwarded

Another vital thing to inspect is tin nhắn forwarding. There’s an option that allows users to automatically forward incoming emails khổng lồ another tài khoản. This will, of course, result in not receiving messages khổng lồ your account as they are redirected khổng lồ another one.

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From a browser on your Android (with desktop mode) or PC, open Gmail.In the top right, clichồng Settings.Expvà all settings.Select the Forwarding và POP/IMAP tab.


In the Forwarding section, make sure that inbox messages are saved after forwarding or disable forwarding altogether.Save sầu changes.

4. Ensure that your trương mục is not compromised

Finally, it’s important to lớn ensure that your account is not compromised và that some third-party doesn’t have sầu access to your emails. What you need to bởi lớn prevent further possible issues is to lớn immediately reclalặng your tài khoản, change the password, và add an extra layer of security with the 2-step verification.
Firstly, you can run an inspection by navigating khổng lồ Gmail Recovery Tool, here. After that, make sure to lớn change your password & add 2-step verification lớn avoid future issues like this.
With that said, we can conclude this article. If your Gmail messages are still missing, make sure khổng lồ tương tác Google Support & chia sẻ your problem. Thank you for reading, follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter), and make sure to tell us about alternative sầu solutions we missed in the comments section below.

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