Postal Services – SMU (Southern Methodist University)

The central mail is located in the hughes-trigg student center

moving days

  • we know moving day will be hectic! be prepared for long wait times for package pickup.
  • You are allowed to send a maximum of 10 packages to the university before the day of the move.
    • anything else will be refused and returned to sender.
    • Consider using a moving service like pony up moving or any other moving company of your choice.
    • Instead of mailing items in for the move, shop online and pick them up at your local store. you can also seize the day and go shopping here in dallas with your family.

    Helpful shipping tips throughout the year

    • the mail & the copy center is located in the hughes-trigg student center! this is where you will pick up your mail and packages.
    • You will have an individual PO Box number. all mail and packages must include that number. please memorize your number. We ask for it a lot!
    • Deliveries are not permitted to your residential commons. please use:

    your name

    3140 dyer street

    #_ _ _ _ (PO box number)

    dallas, tx 75205

    • the university has two working zip codes, 75205 and 75275. don’t worry if a website asks you to change it. both work just as well.
    • If your family sends you any valuable mail, such as birthday cards, debit cards, or cash, ask them to send it with tracking. it’s always a good idea to keep track of valuables.
    • You should check your PO Box frequently. We do not send notifications by postal mail.
    • If your family plans to send you something perishable, ask them to let you know because you’ll need to visit us quickly. it’s always a shame to throw away food or flowers that go bad.


    Deliver letters and packages at the smu mail center. USPS mail leaves at 4:00 p.m. m. from Monday to Friday. we also offer:

    • certified mail
    • return receipt
    • international shipping

    oops & fedex

    fed-ex daily collections

    • land, home, & express

    increases daily collections

    • land & express

    we also accept shipments by local courier

    shipping supplies

    mail smu & copy provides usps priority and express envelopes and boxes.

    to buy

    We have stamps, envelopes and packing material for your shipping needs. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks.

    central copy

    we print:

    • posters
    • signs
    • brochures
    • resumes
    • projects
    • etc.

    Reminder: Do not send cash, checks, or gift cards through USPS regular mail. it’s best to send checks, gift cards, and any other valuables priority mail with a tracking number.

    contact information and hours

    mail center


    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    mail collection:

    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    phone: 214-768-4450


    central copy


    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    phone: 214-768-7901


    Location: Across the hall from the mail center

    helpful tips for families and students

    Sending packets to your student

    • always use student’s legal full name, contact mail central if student uses another name.
    • use only 3140 dyer st. #_ _ _ _ dallas, tx 75205: Do not use a common address.
    • Keep tracking numbers when shipping packages.
    • Do not send cash, credit cards, gift or valuables items via usps first class: priority use with a tracking number. We will not be responsible for lost mail.
    • If you are sending perishables or flowers, please notify your student that it will arrive. these items will be classified as a “care package.” if it is not picked up within 2 days, we will dispose of the perishable package.

    package collection

    • we registered with ups, fed-ex, & dhl: we do not sign for usps.
    • students will receive an email as soon as we have scanned their package. the email will come from the smu post office. if you receive an email from any other source, we still don’t have your package.
    • please wait at least 1 hour after receiving an email from smu before coming to collect your package.
    • no exceptions!
    • check in at the kiosk next to the bank of america ATM.
    • students must have ID ready before proceeding to the pick up window .
    • wait to be called before approaching the pick-up window.
    • if you only check the mail, you do not need to check in at the kiosk or stand in line. head to the left of the package pickup window and ring the bell for help.
    • get ready to pick up all your packages. if you have heavy or large packages, we can lend you a cart. you will need to leave your ID and carts must be returned as soon as possible.
    • A tracking number is required to help locate lost packages. remember to keep a record of your transactions.

    package delivery at the counter

    • we ship ups, fed-ex and usps. have your package sealed, labeled and ready to ship before you approach the counter. we provide supplies to help with packing.
    • cover or remove old labels from boxes and packages.
    • counter closes at 4:30, plan ahead.

    central copy

    • email print requests to
    • be sure to allow time for order processing.
    • include detailed ordering instructions , name, phone number and deadline.

    social networks

    twitter: @smumailcentral

    instagram: smu_mail_central

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