Simply fix the issue: yahoo spam filter not working properly

If the yahoo spam filter not working, carry out the instructions given on our web page to resolve this problem.

You are reading: Simply fix the issue: yahoo spam filter not working properly


Spam protection:

Go to the gear-shaped icon and choose the Mail Options option. Navigate to the General tab, go to the Spam Protection section, and select the Empty Spam Folder option. Schedule a time to empty the contents of your spam folder from the appropriate drop-down menu. Choose an email for which you want to Yahoo to display images under the Show Images in Emails drop-down menu. Now, you have to save the changes that you have made by clicking the Save option. This methods will help you to fix if your yahoo spam filter not working on your mail account.

Blocked email address:

Choose the Mail Options option from the Yahoo menu, navigate to the Advanced Options section, and click the Blocked Addresses option. Type the email address that you need to block in the Add an Address field and click the pus or add icon. This will add the entered email address of the sender to the blocked list.
First you have to check if your yahoo spam filter not working or it shows any error, Then go to the Inbox folder in the Yahoo Mail account.
Select the email that you are suspecting to be spam, right-click it, and Filter Emails Like This option.
Choose the Trash option from the ‘Then Move the message To’ drop-down list and select the Save option.

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Note: The Yahoo Mail account allows you to block up to a maximum of 500 email addresses.


Make sure there is no conflicting filter created in the Yahoo Mail account.Try to use positive criteria like ‘begins with’ instead of using negative criteria.A filter that you have created should contain rules.If you configure the POP email account in the email client, it only downloads the emails present in the Inbox folder. But, the filters will prevent you from downloading emails from other folders.

If needed, get assistance in resolving the yahoo spam filter not working problem. To contact our technical experts, click the Call button mentioned on this web page.

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