How to Send a Letter Online

Wondering how to mail a letter?

updated 8.5.2021

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mailform is the easiest way to send a letter, whether online or offline. If you want to avoid the hassle, envelopes, stamps, and the walk, you can use Form Mail when sending a letter (or document, form, etc.) via USPS First Class Mail or USPS Certified Mail. Here’s how to mail a letter, in a few easy steps:

  1. write the letter! (in case you’re not sure how to write a letter, check how to write a letter on wikihow)

    Head to Mailform and upload the letter you want to send: How to Send a Letter Online

    Once you’ve uploaded your letter(s), hit ‘NEXT’ How to Send a Letter Online

    Tell us who to the letter is for (the recipient) How to Send a Letter Online

    Enter a return address (this is where the letter should go if it’s returned) How to Send a Letter Online

    Choose from double sided, printing in color, or USPS Certified Mail (and get a tracking link). How to Send a Letter Online

    pay as you want, with credit card or with your paypal account. once you’ve paid, we’ll print a self-addressed and return-addressed envelope, make sure there’s enough postage to mail the letter, deliver the letter to the usps, and email you a delivery confirmation, when it arrives the letter at its destination.

    Here’s our “how to send a letter” video, in case you need more visual instructions. you can do it with online mailform, quickly and easily:

    what is the mail form? is the easiest way to send a letter, document, form or pdf through usps mail. The mailform app exists in the cloud, which means you can access it from any browser, on your desktop, or on your mobile device. you don’t need to sign up for an account or subscription or anything like that. simply upload a document, enter addresses, pay and ship. we make it really convenient to send physical mail, from the comfort of your home or office. mailform already has many incredibly useful features for consumers and small businesses that make it a convenient way to send a letter online:

    • multiple printing options: With the mail form, you can print in color, black and white, or one or two sides. this gives you the flexibility you need, no matter what you’re looking for.
    • tracking numbers: get usps tracking numbers for usps certified mail, usps priority mail, and priority mail usps express and get fedex tracking numbers for fedex standard overnight
    • volume discounts: as your volume increases, your price per piece is automatically discounted.
    • bulk business mail: Easily send mail to multiple recipients. perfect for sending demolition notices, neighbor notices, settlement notices, overdue bills, medical recall letters and more.
    • multiple integrations: quickbooks, harvest, xero, google doc , box , freshbooks, freeagent – this is perfect for sending invoices. mailform automatically imports your invoices or documents from the service of your choice, and makes it very easy to print and mail them. Thousands of invoices have been sent using our integrations, and on average, businesses recover 52% of the invoices they mail.
    • mailform android app – mobile app for frequent users, available on the google play store.
    • multiple speed options: usps express priority mail, usps priority mail and usps first class mail, and usps certified mail. you can customize your orders to match your cost and speed options. priority mail express is the fastest service we offer, followed by usps priority mail, followed by certified/first class mail. For more information on how our USPS Priority Mail services work, go to:
    • team mail form : Easily send your entire team to the mail form, under billed and centralized billing. perfect for insurance companies, engineering firms, and other teams that need to send mail together.

    how do I send a letter?

    There is no single way to send a letter; There are many ways to send a letter, and how you do it depends on the subject of the letter, who the recipient is, your time constraints, your cost constraints, and more. we’ve compiled a helpful list of options for you.

    • the cheapest way to send a letter is by email (gmail, hotmail and yahoo are free)
    • the fastest way to send a letter is by email (gmail, hotmail and yahoo are free), and your recipient will receive the letter instantly)
    • The cheapest way to mail a letter is to go to the nearest US Post Office. you won’t pay a premium for an online service.
    • If you want to mail a letter cheaply, but want to skip the line at the post office, you can use a service like
    • the fastest way to send a letter by post is via fedex, using
    • if you want to make sure you get a tracking number, your cheapest option is certified mail usps
    • >

    • if you want to make sure someone signs the letter, get usps certified mail with a return receipt requested (this can also be sent via sendovernightmail)

    how to send a letter by email

    If you’re sending a letter by email, you’ll need a few items

    • an email address of your own
    • the recipient’s email address
    • a subject line (this is essentially a preview, allowing the recipient to know what the letter is about) )
    • the letter.

    To put all of this together, here’s how to send an email letter:

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