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seattle direct mail advertisingConsumers are exposed to thousands of digital ads every day, but the truth is, they’re ignoring most of them. Digital ad space has become crowded and businesses that once saw it as an inexpensive and effective channel for reaching audiences are spending more time, and money, to recoup their investment. With 54% of consumers wanting to receive mail from brands they’re interested in, direct mail remains a dominant marketing channel in today’s digital world.

National brands like McDonald’s, Goodyear and Terminix understand the benefits of direct mail marketing and use it as a core component of their advertising strategies. Local businesses along the Pugent Sound East Coast can see just as impressive results when their print campaigns are carefully executed. here’s why:

  • it is memorable. your message and brand are more likely to be remembered by consumers who know your business when they receive your promotion in their mailboxes.
  • gets response. with a response rate of 3.7% , direct mail gets higher response than email, paid search, online viewing, and social media.
  • it’s accurate. direct mail can be targeted at specific households based on purchasing behavior, income or demographics, in the same way that digital advertising does.
  • It’s relevant. 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising and 52% will switch brands if they have a coupon.

With nearly 140 offices and more than half a century of direct mail advertising experience, Valpak has mastered the art and science behind an effective direct mail campaign. Valpak works by targeting the best local consumers for your business. With our proprietary data, you can mail to local households based on geographic location, income, and purchasing behaviors. Take it a step further with our industry-leading selective segmentation and modify your offer to customers based on purchase history. send loyalty offers, offer retention benefits, reach new customers and much more. Get local advertising in Seattle, WA with a full suite of mailing services to fit businesses of any size and budget. or mail to 1.45 million households statewide, in areas like bellingham, bremerton and tacoma.

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