Romanian Mail Order Brides: Find a Romanian Wife

Romanian Brides — How to Meet Charming Romanian Women for Marriage Online?

In 2019 only 158 Romanian girls came to the United States and married Americans, while in 2010 there were 216 such girls. Nevertheless, Romanian mail order brides are certainly worth your attention!

Learn how to find a woman from this country, why you should start dating a Romanian beauty, and how much it really costs to meet Romanian women.

To help you on your journey, we’d like to offer you our own selection of the best dating sites with Romanian brides. These sites have been meticulously selected and reviewed by experienced members of our team to help you find true love online.

Romanian wives: statistics you didn’t know about Romanian women

  • beautiful Romanian women tend to resolve marital problems instead of divorcing their husbands right away. according to various sources, romania is one of the main countries with the lowest divorce rate in europe (23.5 divorces per 100 marriages) and is only surpassed by ireland and malta. just for comparison, the divorce rate in neighboring ukraine (europe’s most popular mail-order bride country) is three times higher: 67.4 divorces per 100 marriages!
  • the brides Romanian women tend to marry later than women from other European countries popular for mail-order brides. the average age of first marriage for Romanian brides is 28.1 years, which means that these women prefer to build a career before getting married.
  • however, we cannot say the same about the average age of first birth: Romania is the second lowest country in the European Union in terms of age at first birth. an average Romanian woman has her first child at 26.5 years old; only Bulgarian women outnumber Romanian brides (26.1 years).
  • When it comes to the number of children Romanian mail-order wives want to have, it’s simple: the stereotype about brides from the southeast of Europe who want to have 3 (or more) children is really outdated and false. modern romanian wives tend to have 1-2 children: the total fertility rate in this country is 1.64, which is lower than the total fertility rate in the united states!

why choose Romanian girls for marriage?

  • Romanian women share a lot with Spanish, Italian and French girls. but they also share a lot with single Ukrainian ladies for marriage and serious relationships. romania is a fairly progressive country: there are more female employees and students than in any other european country. Romanian ladies love to read, learn new information and explore new places as much as Swedish brides do.
  • Romanian wives are very beautiful: brunette, tall and slim, They represent a perfect blend of southern and eastern European women, like Russian mail order brides. most of the girls are brunettes, although many girls prefer to be blondes and redheads.
  • Romanian brides are very communicative and open-minded. Romanian girls love men foreigners, and they have no prejudice against dating men from the West, especially from the US – and more importantly, Romanian women are definitely not “cold” on first dates. this kind of problem can happen to you with women from some neighboring countries (ukraine, hungary, serbia), but not with women from romania – they always have something interesting to talk about, and you will never get bored on the first date with them.
  • Romanian women are great when it comes to adapting to new circumstances. This is especially important considering the fact that you will most likely be bringing your Romanian wife to the US, so the good news is that it won’t take her months to adjust to a new country.
  • Romanian women speak English quite well. According to various sources, about 31% of Romanians speak or write English and obviously it is much more than 31% when it comes to young Romanian mail order and educated. brides from the largest cities in the country.
  • They are quite traditional in their views on family roles, but at the same time, they are very independent. that is how they are raised and that is the example their mothers set for them, so young Romanian brides combine traditional values ​​(about family roles) with modern views (about a career and education).
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why are romanian women looking for western men?

dating romanian women is great: they are very open minded, not afraid of cultural differences, thousands of them use dating sites and all these girls seem to love western guys. but what is really the reason why these women use marriage agencies and dating sites in search of foreign husbands?

We believe that there are at least 3 reasons why thousands of Romanian singles use marriage services/dating platforms. here they are:

  • quality of life in romania. It’s not that the beautiful women who use marriage services are gold diggers, of course – it really has nothing to do with prospecting for gold. . In fact, Romania has a pretty poor economy: the average monthly salary in this country is only 3,500 lei ($770), so it is quite obvious that many women want to go to a better place and find a better life there. .
  • the desire to have serious relationships. remember what we said earlier about traditional gender roles and family values? This means that there are tens of thousands of young Romanian mail order brides who want to find a serious relationship in their 20s. The problem is that not all men in Romania are ready for something serious at 20, that’s why many pretty Romanian girls start looking for a foreign guy online. The point is that most Western men using mail order bride websites have serious intentions, and that’s exactly what these girls want.
  • Romanian men. no offense here, but the men of this country are often not good enough for the local women. alcoholism, domestic violence, patriarchal and conservative views and values ​​– all these problems are often not considered serious problems in romania. Obviously, any beautiful, young, well-educated Romanian woman wants to find a man who treats her with respect, and that’s why they start looking for foreign men.
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how to find romanian brides? enlarge, step by step guide

Going to this country is not the best idea: it’s expensive, it takes a lot of time and it’s not that safe, actually. online dating seems like the simplest and most effective solution: it’s quick, easy and affordable.

Online communication is not so popular and common in Romania, compared to Asians seeking marriage. however, younger and progressive women in this country use dating services to meet responsible and successful men from other countries.

  • To find and meet Romanian women for marriage, all you have to do is find a decent dating site, sign up there, find a woman you like, and send her a message. It’s as easy as it looks! The whole process can take less than 30 minutes, from finding a website to having an interesting and great online conversation with a real Romanian wife.
  • There may be various questions and personality tests during the registration process. : We strongly recommend that you don’t skip or ignore them because if you answer them all correctly, you’ll get the best matches.
  • After visiting the site and registering with it, you’ll be able to create a dating profile. Upload some of your recent photos, write a catchy profile bio – that’s how you’ll attract just about any Romanian woman online.
  • Start chatting with the ladies. on some sites you will need to buy credits first, but there are also many websites like ukrainebrides4you that offer great welcome bonuses for new users.
  • use a video chat option on if available – this is how you will make sure you chat with real girlfriends, not fake profiles.
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how much does a romanian mail order bride cost?

First of all, you will have to meet Romanian brides online. most dating sites will cost you around $100 per month but it always depends on the communication tools you are going to use. Tools like video chat or voice calling are usually much more expensive (not to mention features like gift delivery).

then, you will have to date romanian women offline. this is what a 2 week trip to romania will cost:

  • tickets from new york to bucharest – $500-$700 (round trip)
  • a hotel room – $350-$700 for 2 weeks
  • transportation – $280
  • food – $350
  • entertainment – $300

Sooner or later, you will have to bring a Romanian woman to the United States. this will cost you about $2,200 – that’s what a k-1 visa costs right now (this process is quite time consuming and may take 6-12 months in 2022).

but as you can see, it’s not that expensive to find a girlfriend online!

Is it legal to buy a Romanian bride?


You can meet a Romanian mail-order bride in your country, propose to her and bring her to the US (after the K-1 visa interview, where USCIS officers will verify if your relationship is genuine and real). In 3 years after that, your Romanian wife will be able to legally become a US citizen!

success stories from romania

🇷🇴 find single romanian women online

how to have an ideal online date with a girlfriend?

The women of this country are not demanding or fussy, so it will not be difficult to have a great date with them. First, you must be a confident man: Romanian brides love confidence.

Second, you need to set your goals right away: if you want serious relationships without marriage, just tell your girlfriend: she may not be looking for the same things.

but most importantly, you have to be yourself. don’t try to act differently just because you’re online. tell jokes, be serious, or do whatever you really would!

how to date romanian girls?


It’s certainly not the most popular country in the world when it comes to international dating or mail order brides. To be fair, it’s not even the most popular mail-order bride country in the region: Ukraine is much more popular than Romania in this regard.

However, the Romanian girls are definitely worth mentioning. they look beautiful, they are very independent but family-focused, they are very respectful and affectionate, and of course they are very open to foreigners.

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