Add Or Remove Address From Mailchimp Footer & Confirmation, Add Or Remove Referral Badge

I”m sending auto mail for my new subscribers via MailChimp, the mail is sent and every thing is fine but with a footer which gives user option to unsubscribe from the list…anyway I”m trying to disable that footer but all comes in vain, I tried to set the auto footer to false but nothing happens and here is sample of my code

var campaignCreateOpt = new campaignCreateOptions { list_id = listID, subject = Subject, from_email = from_Email, from_name = from_Name, template_id = 0, auto_footer = false };


I think you”ll have a better chance of your email getting out to most of your list if you allow the unsubscribe.

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It”s generally not smart to not give people an option to unsubscribe. If they do not see an unsubscribe option, they can mark you as spam. If you get too many “spam” complaints, your email may not reach the inboxes of even the people who would like to stay subscribed.

I doubt mailchimp will allow removal of the unsubscribe.




Mailchimp”s Terms of Service does not allow you to send an e-mailwithout the unsubscribe link. If you don”t provide the unsubscribelink, they will insert it using the gray footer bar.Also, if your account is free, and you don”t use the REWARDS tag,they will also insert it through the gray bar.The third probable reason is that if your code is complicated orbroken, they might see it as an attempt to hide their UNSUBSCRIBE orREWARDS tag, so they will automatically add the gray bar to youre-mail.

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Hope I helped you.




I took the time to invest some further and maybe have to apologize to Mahmoud Ghoz and I will if you can test the following for me.

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Probably the following is happening: your not including a *|UNSUB|* tag or you use a free account and not including a *|REWARDS|* tag? If this is the case, the footer will always be added no matter which value you use for the auto_footer property.

So try to include a *|REWARDS|* and *|UNSUB|* tag in your mail and do a recheck. Please let”s us know if it works. But like I said earlier you account can be temporary locked if you get to many spam warnings which could be the case if you not supply a unsub link.





I had a similar problem, it turns out that my issue was a background image (in inline styles) in the footer. MC clearly thought I was trying to hide the unsubscribe link! I have removed and all is now good.


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