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text behind digital & letter writing service

TextBehind enables you to communicate with your incarcerated loved ones located inside the United States from anywhere in the world using text letters, kids’ drawings, and custom greeting cards. Unlimited inmate reply letters are processed for electronic delivery to your smartphone and email at no extra charge. The cost to send an electronic letter is approximately $1.00.

Here’s how it works: 1. All offender mail (paper and electronic) is addressed and delivered to TextBehind. Electronic mail is sent through the apps (iphone, Google Play). Paper mail is sent to the address below: Inmate Name and Inmate Number Randall County Jail Texas (note: please do not abbreviate the name) P.O. Box 247 Phoenix, MD 21131 2. If it was sent via TextBehind’s app (iphone, Google Play), TextBehind can process it within one business day. 3. An additional step is involved in processing mail that is sent using the U.S. Postal Service. TextBehind will use a scanner to make digital files of the contents of the mailing—including cards, photos or artwork. 4. All digital files are then forwarded to the offender’s assigned prison. 5. The jail or prison’s mailroom staff print approved pages and then delivers them to the inmate. IMPORTANT NOTES:

  • textbehind does not deliver any mail to the inmate directly, nor does it guarantee delivery of your letters to inmates by the courier, jail, or correctional staff. once they process your mail and send it on your behalf, they are completely out of the loop. however, they may sometimes offer to resend your letters under certain strict conditions as a courtesy.
  • Inmates do not receive an invitation when you add them, and do not need to agree to use the underlying text service. once you add the inmate, you can craft cards for him.
  • there is no guarantee that the randall county jail will cooperate and process the text behind the ‘mail’ and then deliver it to your inmate. only when jails sign up directly with text behind, your inmate is more likely to receive your text behind communications.
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This is what happens when textbehind receives a letter from an inmate:

  • Upon receipt, textbehind staff opens your letters, scans them, and uploads high-quality images to your textbehind account as a free service. you do not need to have any money balance or credits in your textbehind account to receive inmate letters.
  • You will then receive a text and email alert notifying you of any new letters incoming response. at that time, you can log in to the textbehind website or mobile app and view the lyrics in your contacts >> click the chat icon.

You need to know this…

  • Inmates require a stamp to send their letters to textbehind using the postal service.
  • Your textbehind account cash or credit balance will not be shared with inmates as a substitute for seals .
  • all letters printed and sent by textbehind nationwide to virtually any jail or correctional facility are delivered to jails/prisons by couriers such as usps or fedex as their standard process.
  • after mailings, textbehind has no control over the process.
  • delivery of your letters depends on couriers and prison staff taking the necessary steps and on time.

IMPORTANT TextBehind LINKS: Register / Log in with TextBehind Contact TextBehind with Questions Add an Inmate to your list of Contacts TextBehind Volume Discount packages ** Address to Mail letters using TextBehind ** Inmate Name and Inmate Number Randall County Jail Texas (note: please do not abbreviate the name) P.O. Box 247 Phoenix, MD 21131 RATES (subject to change):

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textbehind is a digital texting and letter writing service used by jail and prison inmates and friends and family of inmates across the united states. due to the issue of letters and postcards containing or soaked in contraband (drugs), the text behind electronic and physical letters replaced the previous policy of allowing mail to be sent directly from inmate friends and family, and vice versa .

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