[Fix in works] Gmail Promotions or Social tab bug, shows &039no connection&039

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gmail is one of the most popular email services with more than 1.8 billion active users worldwide according to statistics shared by statista.

To keep users happy with Gmail, Google has constantly improved the web version as well as its iOS and Android apps.

Some of these improvements may not seem like much, but they help a lot, like promotions or the social tab in the gmail app.

As the name suggests, it keeps your main inbox free from promotional and social media spam.

but it seems that some gmail users using the app on their ios devices recently started reporting that the promotions and social media tabs are not working.



@gmail I’m having a really weird problem with Gmail right now, using Gmail iOS app on iPad and iPhone. Only the primary tab loads, and tapping on any other tab just gives me a message, “No connection”. Issue is on both devices very suddenly. Desktop works fine. Whats happening? (Source)

@gmail any status update on problems with the ios app? looks like some weird server issues? can load the main inbox, but not the folders/tabs (just gets an “offline” error) (source)

@gmail receives an “offline” error in the gmail app on iphone and ipad. I can’t load any mail. the app version is 6.0.201231 (source)

Reports of the problem started appearing a few hours ago and it seems that google still hasn’t fixed the problem.

It is possible that a bug in the latest update of the gmail app (version 6.0.201231) for ios is to blame for the promotions or the social tab not working.

however, there is nothing to confirm the same. With that said, here is a screenshot of the error shared by a user on twitter.



While Google has not made any official comment on the issue, a Diamond Product Expert on the company’s community forums has claimed that they’ve passed it on to the team to look into it.

Assuming it is, I’ve noticed other users complaining about this problem. So, I’ve passed it on to the gmail team for review. (source)

That said, we’ll post an update when there’s any news regarding promotions or the social tab not working on the gmail app for ios devices.

In response to a tweet, gmail says the team is aware of this issue and is already working on a fix, but we don’t have an estimated delivery date yet.

understood. Thank you for reporting our team is aware of this issue and is working to fix it. I appreciate your patience.



While Google is working on resolving the issue, the only workaround is to access Gmail from mobile/desktop browser, as has been shared by a product expert at the community.

Another option is to select “all mail” from the “search mail” dropdown menu. furthermore, deleting the app and reinstalling it was also helpful for some of the affected users, so you can give that a try.

another workaround that many affected users have approved is to open the app and click on the profile picture> manage accounts on this device> turn it off> close the app> open the app again and enable the option.

the tab in question should work again. As for any updates to gmail support, they still say they are working on the fix. so you may have to wait longer.

some more workarounds shared by users that seem to help are:

a temporary solution, not the best, worked for me. go to account menu (top left corner) in ios gmail app and choose settings/account/inbox categories and deselect promotions etc. so that all mail goes into the main mail. source

in gmail, hit the menu bars at the top left, select settings, then tap your email address, go to conversation view if it’s on, turn it off then back on/if it’s off, just turn it on as source

or you can just type category: promotions and it will show what came from the source of the error

disabling and re-enabling conversation view is another user-shared workaround that seems to help. so give it a try while gmail solves the glitch.

A community product expert has now shared that the developers suggest users to manually update the gmail ios app to the latest update version 6.0.210322 (which was released a few days ago).

It seems that the problem has been fixed in the latest build.

I just received a response from the gmail team on this issue. they are suggesting a manual update of the gmail ios app to version 6.0.210322.

then please do so and post an update on whether that help resolves this for you.

In case you still have the problem, according to the gmail help page, in case you encounter the “offline” error, here’s what you can do:

If you received this error on your iPhone or iPad, please try the following steps:

make sure you are connected to the internet. close the app and reopen it. log out and then log back in.

In case you are still having problems despite updating the app to the latest version, according to gmail support, all you can do is send feedback.

understood. could you please provide your feedback and include the link to this twitter thread here: gmail app > menu > post comments? let us know once done, we’ll look into it.

Another solution is to go to the search bar and category, type promotions and hit enter. but you will have to do this manually each time.

note: there are more such stories in our dedicated google section, so be sure to read them too.

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