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internal mail

All non-legal paper inmate mail should be sent to the Mail Processing Center at the following address:

pitt county detention center

Inmate Name, Inmate ID Number, Facility ID 5159

PO Box 18247

greensboro, north carolina 27419

The envelope must have a complete and legible return address that includes the sender’s first and last name or the mail will not be scanned.

The envelope must be addressed to the pitt county detention facility and include the inmate’s name, inmate ID number, facility ID number (pitt county detention facility is 5159), and the following address; po box 18247 greensboro, nc 27419. if the envelope is not correct, it will not be scanned or delivered. an example is shown below.

As soon as the inmate receives the mail, the inmate can respond immediately by sending an instant message through the secure messaging app on the inmate’s tablets. To start messaging an inmate today, have the inmate take the first step and send a message to a valid cell phone number. when the inmate sends the message, she will receive a text notification on her cell phone with a link to set up an account. once she has set up an account, she will be able to view and send messages.

mail processing center requirements and restrictions:

  • mail that arrives postage due will be refused and returned to sender if possible.

    mail must be 10 pages or less per envelope.

    page size should be no larger than 8.5″ x 11″.

    mail may include written or typed pages, photographs, drawings, or greeting cards.

    do not send mail or greeting cards with glitter, glue, tape, 3d elements or electronic components (lights, music, animation).

    Do not submit any item that contains, depicts, or relates to sexually explicit activity, illegal activity, violence, drug or alcohol use, etc.

    Do not send illegal substances or any other items considered contraband.

    do not send magazines, books or packages to the processing center (see below).

    Please do not send cash, personal checks, or money orders to the mail processing center (see below).

    Do not mail originals of important documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, social security cards, green cards, etc., as they will not be returned.

    do not send original photos or other irreplaceable or valuable items, as they will not be returned.

    Do not send legal/privileged mail to the mail processing center. see instructions below for legal/privileged mail.

    mail meeting these requirements will be scanned within 24 hours of receipt and physical mail will be destroyed. Scanned mail will be reviewed by facility staff in a timely manner.

    installation scanning mail policies:

    all scanned mail will be inspected by facility staff for the following:

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