How to Set up a Gmail Out-of-Office Reply

  • To set up a gmail out of office reply, go to your settings and set a start date, an end date, and a message.
  • You can choose if you only want the people enter your contact list to see your vacation reply.
  • gmail will start sending the auto reply at 12am. m. on the start date and will stop sending the autoresponder at 11:59 p.m. m. on the end date.

When you’re on vacation, traveling, or don’t have regular access to email, sending an automated message to anyone who tries to reach you can be a useful tool.

In gmail, this tool is called vacation reply. You can set up this push message on the Gmail desktop website or mobile app, and even share your out of office status with others. here’s how to do it all.

when your out of office response is sent

When you set up auto responder, gmail will start sending auto reply at 12am. m. from the start date and will stop sending it at 11:59 p.m. m. of the end date, unless you choose to end it manually earlier.

when someone emails you when vacation reply is on, gmail will usually only send your auto reply message once. They may see your vacation response more than once if they email you again after four days, or if you edit your vacation response and they email you again.

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Messages that are sent to your spam folder and messages that are sent to a mailing list you subscribe to will not receive your reply on vacation.

how to set gmail out of office message on desktop

1. go to gmail. Sign in to your account, if necessary.

2. Click the gear-shaped settings icon at the top right of the screen, then click view all settings .

3. Scroll down to the Auto Reply section. click the circle next to vacation responder.

4. Set the start and end date by clicking the respective boxes and selecting a date from the drop-down calendar. fill in the message section with the information you want to convey.

5. If you only want your contacts to receive your vacation reply, click the box next to Send a reply only to people in my contacts.

6. when you are done, click save changes.

how to set up gmail out of office message on mobile

1. open the gmail app.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines icon at the top left of the screen. scroll down and tap settings.

3. tap your email address, then tap vacation responder on the next screen.

4. tap the slider to turn on auto-reply.

5. set the start and end date, and edit the subject line and message.

6. If you only want your contacts to receive your vacation reply, tap the slider next to send only to my contacts.

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7. When you’re done, tap save.

how to find and share your gmail out of office status

Finding and sharing your gmail out of office status is the same on the gmail desktop website and mobile app.

To share your out of office status with coworkers, you’ll need to share your google calendar and create an out of office event. the out-of-office event should last a full day or at least extend beyond your business hours.

If someone you’re emailing is out of the office, gmail will show you their out of office status when you’re composing an email to them. this will not prevent you from sending an email. only people with permission to view your out of office event will see your out of office status.

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