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There is a way to get content on your android media device, with the help of kodi and its best kodi movies and tv shows addons. This is a great way to find content to stream, but sometimes using Kodi and its add-ons can be complex, depending on your device. when this happens, it may take some effort to get this setting to work properly. If you are an android user, an easier way to get content is to use an android streaming app. The setup of these apps is much simpler and they mimic the effect you get if you install kodi and some addons, in one piece of software. The best Android streaming apps offer the same content as the Exodus Kodi addon, for example, and are more convenient to install and use. Here is a list with some of the best android streaming apps. [read: 10 best legal android movie and tv show streaming apps]

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Here’s A List With Some Of The Best Android Streaming Apps You Can Find Around The Internet.

10 best Android Streaming Apps to Get Movies and TV shows

1. broken movies

The snagfilms movie app is available on most mobile devices, as well as some video game consoles and other platforms. Of course, the SnagFilms movie app is also available for Android and allows you to share movie suggestions on social media as well as giving you the ability to stream movies through it. the movies are organized by categories and you can also see the most popular, recently added and other sections.

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2. showcase

showbox android app is considered to be one of the best android streaming apps available. If you want to stream movies on android, surely you have heard of showbox. As with most apps of this type, it is not available on the Google Play Store, so you need to download it to your device. In the past, this app has allowed its users to stream even music, but currently it only offers movies and TV shows. not bad, anyway!

3. video mix

Are you still interested in more apps to stream movies on android? then you also have to take a look at videomix. One of the oldest streaming apps for Android, the VideoMix Android app offers a great selection of content, though not much of it in HD. Still, you can sort movies by genre, year, and even country of production. Videomix android app also offers chromecast functionality. [read: chromecast 2 quick review: colorful and cheap screencast]

4. play view

the playview android app offers content in both english and spanish. With this app you can find movies and TV shows in both languages. playview android app allows you to choose the quality of the stream, as well as organize the streams by genre, popularity, etc. Like most free android streaming apps, the playview android app allows you to stream to your tv via chromecast as well as send your streams to other dnla devices.

5. terrarium tv

with terrarium tv android app you get access to movies and tv shows with a few clicks or taps. We have previously written a tutorial on how to install Terrarium TV on Android, so you can refer to it if you are interested. Among the useful things you get with the Terrarium TV app is support for subtitles, which are automatically presented for you to choose from before your media starts playing. [read: guide: how to add kodi subtitles to your streams and movies]

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6. hd movie

With the android hd movie streaming app, you get access to a huge variety of content, which can be organized by genre, popularity, rating, and other aspects of the media you are browsing. The good thing about hd movie streaming app for android is that it also offers 3d movies. You can download media via the Movie HD app, as well as save it to favorites and even stream it to your TV via Chromecast.

7. latest movies hd

With the latest movies hd android app, you can watch the latest movies directly from your android device. the usual is also true here, as you can organize the content by type (new content, movies, cartoons and TV shows). However, if you don’t feel like choosing or don’t know what to watch, the latest hd movie streaming app for android also includes a random content option.

8. movie box

playbox hd android app changed its name to cinema box, and it is still as useful as it was under the previous name. allows you to stream content for free from your android device. You can bookmark, rate or download any movies and TV shows you find with this app. There’s also the ability to request movies through an in-app interface, as well as a kids’ mode setting to keep content appropriate for young viewers. [read: 10 best kodi addons for kids: cartoons, tv and more]

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9. hd cartoons

Despite what its name may suggest, HD Cartoon Streaming App for Android allows you to watch much more than just cartoons. you can sort media by various aspects like genre, year, name, popularity, etc. Movies and content are also organized into collections grouped by themes or similar types, like 3D movies for example. add the ability to save, bookmark and cast to chromecast and you have a solid android casting app.

10. megabox hd

One of the apps that allows you to stream movies on android, megabox hd app for android allows you to stream and download hd movies and tv shows to your android device. Easy to navigate and search, the Megabox HD Android app allows you to view media in qualities between 360p and 1080p. If you want to view your media on the big screen, then the Megabox HD app helps you do that too with its Chromecast integration.

there are many options to stream from android. you can try all these applications and find the one that best suits your needs, or switch between them in case one of them does not work. Keep your streaming secure and private by installing a VPN app. For example, you can follow our guide to install ipvanish on android. Explore new content with these android streaming apps and our guides!

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