11 Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online [US Shipping Reputable Breeders]

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To quote the famous forrest gump movie, “cannabis seeds are like a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re going to get.”

(or something like that)

ahem, this is our not-so-funny way of saying that some unscrupulous sellers sell failures, also known as seeds with a 0% germination rate.

To help you avoid this, we’ve reviewed the best seed banks that ship to the US. uu., from reputation to customer reviews, germination rate, warranties and more.

And yes, all of our selections offer great value cannabis seeds in a secret “hidden packaging“.

Sneaky, huh? let’s get to it.

First Look If you’re impatient and just want our top 10, here you go:

  1. ilgm − buy 10 get 10 free + free shipping
  2. crop king seeds − 80% germination guarantee
  3. seedsman − more from 1500+ strains from 65 sellers
  4. herbies seeds − 4.5/5 on trustpilot
  5. seed city − frequent deals & promotions (up to 40% off)
  6. rocket seeds − 6 in 1 seedbanks
  7. quebec cannabis seeds − discreet global shipping
  8. gorilla seeds − united kingdom -based weed seed bank
  9. attitude seed bank − very large selection
  10. amsterdam marijuana seeds − dutch cannabis seed bank

why trust us? what do we know about weed seeds anyway?

For years, we have acted as a bridge connecting weed growers with reputable online seedbanks.

We have reviewed most, if not all, of the top stores for buying cannabis seeds online; comparing their characteristics, quality and shipping policies with each other to choose the best marijuana seed banks for growers like you.

so yeah, we’re pretty well informed.

our classification criteria

The strain and type of marijuana seeds you want will vary from grower to grower, but there are a few things that all good cannabis seedbanks should have:

seed quality: are the seeds really good?

Seed quality is at the heart of weed cultivation.

good seed quality will in turn ensure high germination success and high quality flower and weed products. quality is often a sign of commitment to customers and long-term success in the seed banking space.

discreet shipping: will your seeds be seized in the mail?

Seed banks that are shipped in discreet packaging provide an added aspect of ensuring the safety of your seeds, especially when shipping to areas where the legality of weed is unclear. Even where marijuana is legal, you don’t want everyone to see the contents of your packaging.

The best seed banks will hide your marijuana seeds in everyday items like DVD cases, toys, and other casual-looking items.

satisfaction guarantees – does the seed bank offer a guarantee?

Guarantees are a measure of a seedbank’s confidence in its ability to meet the needs of its customers. guarantees such as the germination guarantee or the delivery guarantee are important for customers to trust the services of seed stores.

If you have a germination guarantee, you can buy with much more confidence.

Let’s now move on to our main recommendations!

11 best seed banks to buy marijuana seeds with us shipping

1. I love growing marijuana – the best seedbank overall

I Love Growing MarijuanaChoose for…

  • discreet packaging
  • guaranteed delivery
  • free shipping
  • wide variety of seeds


  • does not ship to canada or the uk

seeds offered: beginner┃autoflowering┃high thc┃indoor┃outdoor┃indica┃sativa┃high yield┃cbd hemp

i love growing marijuana is the harvard of online seedbanks. with a wide variety of growing guides to help new and experienced cannabis growers get the most out of their seeds.

ilgm not only offers marijuana seeds, but you can also get custom grow kits to ensure your seeds germinate and provide high yields as well as a 100% germination guarantee.


free shipping? Yes. You won’t have to pay a penny to ship to the United States. And for orders over $150, you’ll get free shipping to Australia with an additional option to track your shipment.

Better yet, there’s stealth shipping, so you won’t have to worry about looking customs officers in the eye. and in case the shipment does not arrive, you are protected by a shipping guarantee; therefore, another shipment will be sent to you for free.

The beauty is that you get 10 free seeds when you buy autoflowering seeds and feminized marijuana seeds, with 24/7 growth support if you come across some cultivation challenges.

2. crop king seeds – the best canadian seedbank

Crop King SeedsChoose for…

  • 80% germination rate
  • discreet delivery
  • free customer support
  • multiple payment methods


  • relatively higher prices

seeds offered: autoflowering┃feminized┃regular┃cbd┃mix and match

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crop king seeds has been serving people’s cannabis seed needs since 2005, with over 40 strains of their seeds being sold in over 300 stores across Canada

for sure one of the best Canadian seed banks!

The good thing is that you get a wide variety of strains, especially with autoflowering and feminized seeds. if you don’t know which seed to grow, opt to mix and match seeds and grow multiple strains simultaneously!

new grower? don’t worry there are plenty of guide instructions to help you understand the ins and outs of growing marijuana in no time. with customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on standby in case you need help.

the icing on the cake is an 80% germination guarantee; so you can grow with confidence knowing your seeds will sprout in abundance.

Did I mention that you can get free discreet shipping worldwide on orders over $200, with 10 free seeds on orders over $420?

3. seedsman – ideal for cannabis seeds of specialized marijuana strains


choose by…

  • up to 20% off orders
  • discreet shipping
  • shipping worldwide
  • multiple payment methods


  • additional shipping charges

seeds offered: feminized┃autoflowering┃regular┃fast strains

seedsman rules the kingdom of specialty strains. now they grow their seeds too, with an additional stock of 1,500 strains sourced from over 65 seedbanks worldwide!

Not only do they offer popular seeds, but you can also get medical seeds that can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, pain, arthritis, fatigue, and more.

the website has a strain finder feature to give you the initiative to search for seeds according to desired characteristics, such as high thc content. cool, yeah?

its shipments to the whole world make it more seasoning. you can order your seeds from anywhere in the neck of the woods. And you don’t have to worry about your package being seized by customs as there is discreet shipping with an option to track your order.

To top it off, you’ll get at least one free seed and 25% off + 4 free seeds on bitcoin purchases.

4. herbies seed – great seedbank for free seeds

Herbies Seeds

choose for…

  • Guaranteed stealth shipping
  • Quality genetic seed testing
  • Additional seeds in every order
  • Multiple payment options


  • international shipping could be faster

seeds offered: feminized┃autoflowering┃regular┃high cbd

herbies seeds has been in the world of quality cannabis seeds for more than 10 years. with more than 3000 cannabis seeds for sale on their website!

You get free shipping on orders over £100 in the UK and Europe. with stealth shipping and an option to track your order, which is quite a sport in countries with restrictive marijuana regulations.

The icing on the cake is that all orders come with free cannabis seeds and you get extra seeds for every £20 spent.

There have been concerns about slow customer service. however, herbie seeds still have a trustpilot score of 4.5.

5. seed city: the best online seed bank for offers and sales

Seed City

choose for…

  • frequent deals (up to 40% off)
  • cheap shipping
  • free seeds with every order
  • multiple payment methods


  • website looks a bit dated

seeds offered: feminized seeds┃autoflowering┃regular┃high cbd | high thc | cheese | indicates | sativa

For over 10 years, seed city has been home to unique cannabis seeds, complemented by affordable prices.

but aside from the already low prices, what makes seed city stand out are their frequent promotions and offers.

not only do you ship free seeds with every order, but there are also 30-40% sales throughout the year.

and don’t think that these sales are only of cannabis seeds that nobody wants, because it is quite the opposite. in fact, at the time of this writing, you can find the always popular gorilla glue and amnesia haze marijuana seeds for 40% off.

stealth shipping worldwide? definitely! shop without worrying about customs seizing your little babies.

6. rocket seeds – buy cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks in the usa uu.

Rocket Seeds

choose for…

  • free worldwide shipping over $200
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 6-in-1 cannabis seedbanks
  • high quality marijuana seeds


  • not as many strains as others

offered seeds: feminized seeds | regular seeds | autoflowering seeds | cbd seeds | quick version

rocket seeds promotes itself as a one stop shop for buying high quality cannabis seeds online. with free worldwide shipping on orders over $200 and discreet shipping to go with it.

When you buy cannabis seeds with certified express shipping, you get guaranteed delivery, with free reshipment on lost or confiscated shipments.

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In case of any issues, the cannabis seed bank offers 24/7 customer support, including a live chat feature to use while shopping.

But what is the real selling point of rocket seeds?

allow you to compare and buy seeds from 6 other reputable seedbanks, including king crop seeds, sonoma and castor bean. − and pay shipping only once.

7. quebec cannabis seeds – best seedbank for fast same day shipping

Quebec Cannabis Seeds BankChoose for…

  • fast and discreet shipping
  • weekly sales and promotions
  • medicinal seeds high in cbd
  • shipping in 24 hours


  • no refund policy

seeds offered: autoflowering seeds┃feminized seeds┃regular seeds | medical marijuana seeds | mixed packages┃exterior

quebec prides itself on its high quality marijuana seeds with a wide variety of seed varieties.

this is justified by the fact that in addition to seeds grown for recreational purposes, you can find medical seeds with high cbd content to promote your well-being. and hybrid seeds that don’t need as much care when growing.

You are guaranteed an germination rate of 80%. which is pretty safe, but you can also get grow kits to make the most of your seeds’ growth potential.

For orders over $200, you’ll get free, fast discreet shipping worldwide, with additional seeds on orders over $150.

To top it off, quebec seeds has excellent positive reviews, with an impressive trustpilot score of 4.5.

8. gorilla seeds – awesome new 420 seedbank

Gorilla Seeds Choose for…

  • 100% discreet packaging guarantee
  • fast international shipping
  • low cost varieties
  • good variety of seed varieties


  • no delivery guarantee

seeds offered: auto┃feminized seeds┃high cbd

gorilla seeds might be a newbie compared to other marijuana seedbanks, but they seem to have found a sweet spot between affordability and high-quality cannabis.

There is a blog section on the site to guide you through the gorilla seed lore, so you understand which seeds are best for you.

every order you place, you’ll get additional seeds. the larger the order, the more seeds you get. Better yet, you get free discreet shipping on orders over £99, with guaranteed fast international shipping.

If your package is damaged during shipping, their refund policy allows you to initiate a return within the first 7 days.

Also, privacy is guaranteed, but you can choose to place anonymous orders on cash or bitcoin purchases. with a 17% discount on bitcoin purchases!

9. attitude seedbank – great value marijuana seeds

Attitude SeedbankChoose for…

  • regular offers from the seedbank
  • wide variety of seeds
  • affordable prices
  • multiple payment methods


  • some negative customer service reviews

seeds offered:: male and female seeds┃autoflowering┃pick and mix

attitude seedbank bills itself as the connection between the best weed genetics and customers. with thousands of seed strains currently in stock.

There is a blog section on the site to help you get the latest news on new arrivals, payment options, growing guides and more.

In addition, there are shipments worldwide, so you can receive your shipment anywhere. with a discreet shipping option, which comes with a delivery guarantee. so in case your shipment gets lost, you will get a reshipment.

the good thing is that there are monthly promotions and regular offers. and you can be among the first to be notified about promotions by signing up for their newsletter.

10. amsterdam marijuana seeds – great autoflowering seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Looking for great high-quality autoflowering seeds? You’ve hit the jackpot with Amsterdam Marijuana, with 25 years of experience in quality seeds.

You will have free worldwide shipping on all orders. yes even ship to usa uu. with stealth delivery on the side to avoid prying eyes.

New to growing cannabis seeds? don’t worry there is a growing guide to take you by the hand throughout this journey and become an expert in growing weed.

However, you may find the seeds a bit pricey, but you’re in for a good harvest if you can look further.

11. marijuana seeds nl – most impressive stealth shipping

Marijuana Seeds NLChoose for…

  • Guaranteed stealth shipping
  • Quality genetic seed testing
  • Additional seeds in every order
  • Multiple payment options


  • international shipping takes a few weeks

seeds offered: feminized┃autoflowering┃regular┃high cbd

marijuana seeds nl promote themselves as the original seed bank, having been growing and producing their own marijuana seed genetics for over 20 years, with a good variety of strain types.

On the website there is an informative blog section where you can get the latest news in the world of weed, with growing guides to help you make informed decisions about growing weed.

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msnl seems to succeed with its superior guaranteed stealth international shipping options, so you won’t have to worry about prying eyes while your package is in transit.

here are some interesting current offers. you get free seeds on any order you place, 40% off west coast varieties, and 15% off all bitcoin purchases!

Depending on where you are, you can start getting free shipping on orders over £55, with fairly fast delivery to the UK and Europe. all of this is covered with a refund policy.

best online cannabis seedbanks – frequently asked questions

Best Cannabis Seed Banks - FAQs

how do seed banks work in the united states?

seed banks work by breeding, drying and performing quality control tests on cannabis seeds to verify their genetic purity.

These banks then seal these seeds in moisture proof bags/containers. When a purchase is made, the seeds are usually packaged in discreet packaging and shipped to the buyer’s delivery location.

can i legally buy cannabis in any state?

Although you can buy weed in most US states. uu. for medical or recreational use. you can’t legally buy cannabis in every state; still, you can legally buy cannabis for medical use in 36/50 states of the united states. And you can buy cannabis for recreational use in 18 US states. uu.

Is ilgm a good seedbank?

yes, ilgm is a very good seedbank. They give free shipping to the United States as well as a 100% germination guarantee.

In addition, they also have a good variety of popular cannabis seeds that have received hundreds of reviews each.

Which seedbanks are legitimate?

There are currently a couple of legitimate seed shops. however, your best bet at the seedbank would be i love grow marijuana, crop king seeds, and seedman for high quality seeds, a wide variety of strains, good shipping policies, and even growing guides.

what is the safest way to pay?

The safest way to pay for your cannabis seeds varies. Today, by using a third party payment processor, credit card payments are quite safe to use at online cannabis seedbanks, as the seedbank will receive your payment without your credit card details. and the payment processor will immediately destroy the customer’s data.

However, if you’re still skeptical about credit cards; bitcoin, cash and bank transfers are also good payment methods that guarantee anonymity.

what cannabis seeds should I buy?

Buying cannabis seeds online largely depends on your needs as a grower:

If you’re relatively new to the art of growing your cannabis, get beginner-friendly seed strains like:

  • northern lights seeds
  • cinex
  • thc bomb seeds
  • ak-47 seeds
  • seeds by zkittlez

Growing these strains from seed is easier as they are popular, have potent levels of thc, and can survive relatively harsh weather conditions. better yet, most are autoflowering. so you don’t have to always be on the lookout for them.

You can get these cannabis strains at most seed shops reviewed, e.g. I love growing marijuana, growing king seeds, seedsman and even quebec seeds.

however, if you have experience growing marijuana. then you should try;

  • blue dream feminized
  • sour diesel feminized
  • chemdawg
  • pink kush
  • master kush

These cannabis strains will typically require specialized care, such as growing them in a sheltered, temperate environment to ward off pests and regular scrutiny. however, if you see them through that budding phase, you are guaranteed beautiful dense buds with a powerful high.

you can get these thc rich strains from cannabis seedbanks like i love to grow marijuana, grow king seeds, nl marijuana seeds and more.

the bottom line: which is the best cannabis seed company?

Whether you have grown marijuana before or you have no experience in the field of marijuana cultivation, with these seed shops you can be sure that you will get the satisfaction that comes from growing and smoking your weed.

I love growing marijuana, it seems to have the best marijuana seed bank features, especially with its high quality seeds, awesome stealth shipping and clever growing guide.

however, if you want to get a seed bank that ships quickly to canada, crop king seeds is also a great option. seedsman is another top tier seedbank if you fancy a wide variety of specialist strains.

harvesting your weed is the most beautiful thing ever, but don’t be selfish, share the tips and ideas you’ve discovered with some friends and create a healthy weed community.

Editorial and news staff of the Bay Area Newsgroup were not involved in the preparation of this post.

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