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amazing spaces package receiving service is here to help make shipping items to your home or business amazing. Whether you’re ordering packages for personal or professional reasons, our package receiving service can save your life! There are several advantages to ordering items online versus in person. For one thing, the convenience of buying products online is second to none. With a few quick clicks and from the comfort of your home or office, you have the ability to research product availability, prices, and reviews. however, the biggest drop in online shopping, the threat of package theft, makes many of us think twice about our online ordering strategy. Enter our package receiving service – your new best friend for shipping items.

send items to your secure storage unit

Amazing rental space storage includes a variety of amazing amenities, including our package receiving service. simply ship your items to your amazing spaces unit and we’ll accept delivery on your behalf. Once we receive your package, we will send a notification to your account. you can pick up your package at your convenience during our property access hours (6 am to 11 pm). say goodbye to leaving packages on your porch or outside your office. say goodbye to the days of waiting for a package to arrive. amazing spaces package receiving service gives you a safe place to receive packages, while offering maximum flexibility to retrieve your package upon delivery.

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At Amazing Spaces, we take security very seriously. each property is secured by a limited access gate system, which grants access to the storage area only to authorized users during our access hours. In addition, the property is surrounded by security cameras with digital recording, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, your space is secured with the industry’s leading cylinder lock system and your own tamper-proof security alarm. all alarms are monitored 24/7 by a professional security company to ensure 24/7 protection of your belongings.

frequently asked questions about amazing spaces package receiving service

amazing spaces customers can sign up for our package acceptance service at any time during their stay. simply fill out one of our authorization forms to keep the key on file and leave one of your unit keys with one of our team members. Once you’ve filled out the paperwork and left your key with our team, you can start shipping packages to your space!

Customers should ship their packages to the address of the amazing spaces property they are renting from and include their name and unit number as part of the address.

amazing spaces package acceptance service is included in the cost of renting your storage unit. it’s just another one of our amazing storage amenities designed to create an extraordinary experience.

Your package will be delivered and insured in your storage space directly by the shipping company.

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Once a package is received at our property, a member of our team will attempt to send you a courtesy email to let you know that a package has arrived. however, we recommend monitoring your tracking information as your primary resource for confirming the whereabouts of your package.

amazing spaces currently has no limits on the size or number of packets that can be sent to your unit. however, you must keep in mind that the package must fit inside your unit. please contact a member of our team to help you identify what size space would be best for your needs.

We’ll hold your package for as long as you’re an Amazing Spaces customer! the package will remain secured in your space until you are ready to pick it up.

You can send an unlimited number of packages to your storage unit.<

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