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With the plethora of vegan and vegetarian food options these days, it’s no surprise that proper food delivery isn’t hard to come by in 2022. Many of these vegan food delivery services have a food strip ready to go. cook or healthy ready-to-eat meals with alternative vegetable and protein options. Whether you’re just starting out vegan or have been for years, meal delivery services are the easiest way to eat more plant-based foods.

Ultimately, meal delivery means less time spent at the grocery store or deciding what to do, and the right vegan meal delivery service is just what you need to keep those healthy urges going. The plant-based meal delivery category is packed with options, meaning there’s sure to be one to suit you, your budget, and your eating goals.

I’ve tried almost all of them and I’m happy to report that there are some extremely tasty vegan and vegetarian meal delivery services that ship prepared meals or pre-measured ingredients for meatless lunches and dinners. For those new to the vegan game, it’s an easy way to learn great new recipes without having to wander the whole food aisles for hours each week. the best vegetarian meal subscriptions I’ve tried are the ones that keep the meatless recipes interesting and the ingredients fresh. But not all plant-based caterers are created equal, so I’ve put together this list of the best vegetarian (and vegan) food delivery in 2022.

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Are there vegan and vegetarian meal kits?

purple carrot remains arguably the best vegan meal delivery subscription simply because it’s the only completely dedicated vegan meal kit service – no animal products or animal by-products are used in any of their recipes, but most of the other food and meal kits – delivery services have many vegan or plant-based recipes, meals and snacks to choose from, so if you want a vegan option, they are available. green chef, for example, offers up to nine organic vegan or vegetarian meal kit recipes per week, in addition to its line of meals that have meat. hellofresh has about six plant-based options per week and sunbasket, the best overall meal kit service by my unscientific calculations, offers three to four vegetarian or vegan meals along with a full market of vegan-friendly foods and snacks you can eat. add to your weekly order.

what about the delivery of prepared plant-based meals?

The same goes for prepared meal delivery services, which require no cooking at all. There are a few strictly vegan meal services like Veestro, Mosaic, and Daily Harvest to peruse, but even services that provide meaty meals (like fresh and lean and factor) offer vegan and vegetarian plans, with up to 12 plant-based options per year. . week to keep you well fed, even when there’s no time to cook. These vegan caterers often ship frozen vegan meals, but some ship their meals fresh, wrapped in eco-friendly ice packs and recyclable coolers.

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You may be wondering, with all these plant-based players in the game, what is the best meal delivery service for vegans and vegetarians in 2022? the answer varies a bit depending on what you’re looking for, and each meal kit or delivery operation takes a slightly different approach. for example, some vegetarian meal kit companies use plant-based foods like impossible burgers that mimic meat, while others emphasize whole foods in lunch and dinner recipes. There are also vegetarian meal kits that specialize in organic ingredients and produce, in case that’s important to you, while others are not organic but may offer cheaper meal plans. Some meal kits are also more complicated to execute, aimed at experienced chefs in the kitchen looking to hone their skills, while others are quick to put together and help you get a healthy, hassle-free dinner on the table, sometimes in as little time as possible. only 20 minutes.

After personally trying out as many plant-based meal kits and caterers as I could, I’ve settled on this list of the best meal delivery for vegans and vegetarians in 2022. Please continue to update this list regularly as we continue to update this list. new players enter the arena.

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