Mail is not working correctly on your Mac? Heres how to fix it

are you here because apple mail is not working properly? if it keeps crashing, stopping, not even loading or crashing, you’ve come to the right place

Fortunately, we’ve got some quick tips to help if:

  • mac mail keeps crashing once it’s been open for a while

    apple mail quits unexpectedly

    mac mail won’t open

    how to fix mail problems on mac

    The next two tips will require you to follow them in this exact order and try them after each step; let’s get in right away.

    1. restart the mail app

    Press option-command-esc to open the force quit menu. select the mail to exit the application. then reopen the app and see if the issues are gone.

    2. restart your mac

    restart your mac: go to the apple menu at the top left and select restart. see if it worked and continue if necessary.

    3. mail test in safe mode

    safe mode helps identify if startup software is causing a problem. also clear cache and repair disks; sometimes it completely solves the mail problem.

    to start mac with apple silicon in safe mode:

    1. shut down your mac and wait 10 seconds.

      turn your mac back on, holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

      when the start window appears, release the power button.

      Now, select your startup disk, then press and hold the shift key.

      press continue in safe mode and release the shift key.

      to start intel based macs in safe mode:

      • shut down your mac and wait 10 seconds.

        restart your mac and hold down the shift key at startup.

        When the login window appears, it’s time to release the shift key.

        You may need to log in again. but you will see “secure boot” in the first or second login window in the upper right corner.

        Now open the mail in safe mode and see if it works properly. if the problem no longer bothers you, the problem should have been resolved. now reboot your mac as usual.

        what if mac mail keeps crashing?

        If the troubleshooting tips above didn’t help and your mac mail keeps crashing, read on.

        1. upgrade your macs

        keeping your mac up to date is a sure way to resolve issues. It’s obvious but it’s worth a try.

        how to check you have the latest update installed:

        How to update your macOS

        1. select the apple menu at the top left and select about this mac.

          select software update to find out if you need a quick update.

          if, like me, you do, hit update now.

          try again, if mail still won’t open on your mac, it’s time to move on to the next tip.

          2. remove problematic email attachments

          Sometimes when mail isn’t working on a mac, it can be due to a rogue mail attachment. this can be difficult to identify unless the email is immediately blocked when you click on a specific email.

          If your inbox contains a mountain of messages like mine, it can be difficult to identify the corrupted item.

          It’s much easier to clean your attachments with a tool like cleanmymac x. Its dedicated Mail Attachment module can quickly and securely remove local copies of email attachments and downloads, freeing up space and removing app crashes. bonus point, apple notarized the app, so it’s safe for your mac.

          how to remove email attachments with cleanmymac x:

          CleanMyMac X - Mail Attachments module

          1. launch the application: download the free version here.

            select mail attachments in the left sidebar and hit scan.

            wait for the scan to finish, then select which mailboxes to clean and press delete.

            you know the exercise, test your mail and move on if necessary.

            3. rebuild mail

            don’t worry; This is not as daunting as it sounds; rebuilding your mailboxes might completely solve the problem.

            here’s how to rebuild your mac mail:

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