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When you move from Australia to the United States, you will need to apply for a visa or residency with the US immigration authorities. You’ll need to have a valid passport, apply for a visa or green card, prove you have sufficient funds, and book your trip.

Before you leave, there are accounts to close (bank, memberships, mobile phone) and utility bills to settle. In addition to all this, you have to order the transport of all your material goods! so how long does it take to ship from australia to usa? u? discover everything you need to know here…

shipping options

shipping from australia to usa uu. It can be done by sea or air transport. cheap ocean freight can be around five times less than air freight, making it a very affordable option.

One drawback is that the shipping time from australia to the usa is slow: container ships can take several weeks to complete the journey, so planning well in advance is necessary. As with any international shipment where customs processes are slow, it can take up to six weeks.

If sea freight is your preferred option, your belongings will be shipped in appropriately sized containers. if your load is less than about 15 cubic meters, a shared use container will be designated.

Most shipping providers will provide a full door-to-door service, meaning the entire process will be handled for you from your old property to your new one.

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air freight is much faster: a cargo plane will be shipped from australia to the usa. in about two or three days. The downside is that it is very expensive – you often pay a huge premium for an air cargo service which can make it unaffordable if you have limited funds.

Depending on the state you are shipping to, the general time estimate is five to 10 business days for a shipment to reach the us. uu. by air transport.

submission rules

By following these basic tips, US customs regulations will be less daunting:

You should take an inventory of the items you are bringing into the US. uu.; this packing list ensures that you declare everything.

You can import household items and personal effects duty free as long as you have used them for at least one year before you move and they are intended for use in your new home.

As containers can be opened and inspected by customs officials, you should be aware of items that are not allowed into the country and these restricted items include:

  • narcotics and some medications
  • hazardous materials
  • suspected counterfeit trademarked merchandise
  • weapons and firearms
  • pornographic materials
  • plant and animal products
  • livestock

Shipping goods by air cargo is subject to additional security measures, and some household and personal items are now classified as high risk. You will need to ensure that your carrier can fully comply with US law so that your items are delivered in a timely manner.

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packages and letters


times for international shipments from australia to usa. uu. for packages can be calculated on a shipping comparison calculator. You can determine the best shipping route for your items by evaluating four key factors: width, height, weight, and time.

It usually only takes a week for packages to arrive in the US. uu. From Australia, two weeks maximum. shipping can often take as little as four days.

how long does it take to ship from australia to usa? uh?

You can expect 7 to 14 business days with standard international postage. a typical first class mail takes approximately 10 days. Keep in mind that most mail takes three to five days to cross the United States and travels faster between major cities with airports.

professional shipping services

shipping from australia to us is a specialty of trusted shipping experts. there is a wide range of international couriers to choose from ensuring you get the most cost effective service for your needs. and there are no size or weight limits. all your items will have full insurance protection throughout the trip. and any breakable or fragile items will be packed for you.

Although they cannot calculate exact shipping time, often due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be given a quality guarantee that your items will arrive as quickly as possible. You’ll get all the help and advice you need from an experienced specialist who will find the fastest method to get your items where they need to go. and time sensitive packages will get a guaranteed delivery time.

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