Can You REALLY Get Paid To Fill Envelopes At Home In 2022? Find Out!

wondering if you can get paid to stuff envelopes at home? the answer is no. it is definitely a scam and in this article you will learn why.

There are tons of places that advertise envelope stuffing jobs. Sounds like a dream job: earn money for easy work. But, as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

read: earn money for sending envelopes from home

Come on!

what does an envelope stuffer do?

Envelope stuffing jobs advertised talk about stuffing envelopes for the job. Put documents, flyers, or other materials in envelopes to mail them. It’s common to find these work-at-home listings in classified ads and as advertisements in print magazines or newspapers.

many of them talk about sending you a kit with materials to get you started.

All of the envelope stuffing jobs I’ve come across require you to pay to get started. some are small payments, as low as $5 to $10, and others require a large payment up front.

People are attracted to envelope stuffing jobs because it seems like low-skilled work for high pay and they think it’s easy money.

You may see ads that talk about paying $1,500 a week to stuff envelopes or paying $3 per envelope stuffed. You think you’ve stumbled upon a golden job opportunity, but at the end of the day, it’s a scam. here’s why…

can they pay you to stuff envelopes at home?

no, you can’t get paid to stuff envelopes.

Jobs that offer envelope stuffing are not legitimate. The hope these illegitimate companies have is to recruit as many people as possible so that they can make money. there is no real commercial operation.

These companies are either raising money from people who will have to hire more people to make money or just stealing money from people who send in the initial fee and get nothing.

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Example 1: You sign up for a website, then you’re asked to pay a registration or startup fee to have the materials sent to you.

after paying the fee, a flyer is mailed to you and you must copy and distribute it to further spread the scam.

For every person who signs up, you earn a small commission. It’s like a pyramid scheme. the goal is to get people to pay and sign up, then recruit more people to pay and sign up others.

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Example 2: You send an initial fee to have the materials shipped and receive nothing.

I’m sure there are other variations of the envelope stuffing scam, but these are two known examples.

Is stuffing envelopes a scam?

yes, envelope stuffing is a scam. If you see an ad for an envelope stuffing job, as attractive as it may be, ignore it because it’s a scam. don’t waste your time or your money.

Is it worth stuffing the envelopes?

stuffing envelopes is not worth it. They will pay you little or nothing. It’s not a real job, it’s been a scam in the classifieds for decades. dates back to the great depression.

Is there a legitimate envelope stuffing job?

There is no legitimate job for stuffing envelopes.

don’t be fooled by the envelope stuffing scam. it’s not real.

here are 3 alternative jobs you can look into instead of trying to find jobs where you make money to stuff envelopes at home.

alternative jobs to get paid to stuff envelopes at home

These 3 jobs are legitimate. are good alternatives to the work from home envelope stuffing scam:

  • virtual assistant
  • data entry job
  • customer service representative

1. virtual assistant

virtual assistance works like a personal assistant to someone online. This is a real job that you will do, helping your client with tasks over the internet. virtual assistance is a good job to earn extra money and can also be turned into a full-time career.

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virtual assistant work has some similarities to the type of work you imagine with envelope stuffing.

both jobs are task oriented and both include work that will keep you busy.

The work you do as a virtual assistant will vary depending on the needs of your client.

general vs specialized virtual assistants

A general virtual assistant is someone who does not have specialized experience. They can work with a variety of different clients doing general task-based work such as:

  • take notes
  • answer emails
  • answer phones
  • schedule meetings
  • order lunch

a specialized virtual assistant has experience in an industry such as design, education, human resources, etc. this could translate to having a degree, background, or experience working in an industry.

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This is not a requirement to work as a virtual assistant, but if you are an expert in your industry, you will usually be rewarded with better paying jobs and tasks specific to your specialty.

how much do virtual assistants earn?

Based on the pay scale, virtual assistants earn an average hourly rate of $16.03/hour. You can expect to earn between $15/hr and $100/hr depending on your skill set and experience.

2. data entry job

Data entry work is another example of legitimate work you can do from home. it’s a task-based job that revolves around entering data into a system for your client. some examples include:

  • add data to a spreadsheet
  • file, manage and maintain reports online
  • organize data in a software system

The best data entry workers are well-organized, detail-oriented, and self-starter. administration or customer service experience is also helpful.

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For this entry level job, the work you do can get boring at times, but if you pride yourself on the accuracy and punctuality of your work, this job might be perfect for you.

where to find data entry jobs

You can find data entry jobs through the best job sites for remote work, like upwork. Searching social networking sites like linkedin or community websites like reddit or facebook groups can also lead to data entry jobs.

how much do data entry workers earn?

data entry workers earn between $11 and $17 per hour.

if you have more skills and experience, you can earn at the higher end of this pay range.

3. customer service representative

a customer service representative helps customers with their queries.

This can be an in-person or online job.

If you pride yourself on providing the best service, being helpful, and solving problems, then this could be a good job for you. If you enjoy working with people, are a good communicator, and are good at multitasking, then customer service work is a great alternative to stuffing envelopes.

There are many different types of customer service jobs in various industries. you could be doing work like:

  • sales
  • order processing or returns
  • answer customer calls or emails

How much do customer service representatives make?

In the United States, the pay range for customer service representatives is $31,400 to $40,400 per year.

last word

hopefully this clarifies if you can get paid to stuff envelopes at home.

The bottom line is that stuffing envelopes is not a legitimate job. those envelope stuffing jobs you come across are scams. don’t fall in love with them.

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