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‘granny shover’ lauren pazienza, 26, spends her first night behind bars at the notorious rikers island prison after the judge denied her bail on manslaughter charges for ‘pushing the singing coach of broadway, aged 87, until his death on the sidewalk in new york’

  • Lauren Pazienza, 26, appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday, where Judge Felicia Mennin ordered her held without bail pending trial because she was considered at risk of jailbreak
  • pazienza, 26, is accused of pushing barbara gustarn, 87, a broadway singing teacher, onto a sidewalk in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan on march 10, resulting in his death
  • prosecutors told the court that pazienza had been drinking wine at nearby art galleries before the coup
  • pazienza and her fiancé were stopping for lunch at chelsea park, a block from the attack, when a park employee told them that the park would be closing soon which angered pazienza who became furious and left the area
  • pazienza ended up on west 28th street near 8th avenue where he allegedly hit to gustarn
  • she pleaded not guilty to first degree involuntary manslaughter and second -assau degree lt, and faces 25 years if she is convicted

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