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Veterans Day is an official federal holiday every year. but why Nov. November 11 falls on a Saturday in 2017, there is some confusion about how and when the holiday is observed.

Obviously, schools are closed on Veterans Day this year; It is Saturday after all. but many schools are closed on Fridays in observance of the holiday. It’s also not immediately clear what is open and what is closed in terms of banks, the post office and such. this is what happens.

Are schools open or closed?

As mentioned, schools across the country will be closed on Veterans Day 2017 because it falls on a Saturday. but schools in many districts do not have classes on Fridays due to the holiday. Among others, schools in Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., will not be in session on Friday, November 10.

On the other hand, schools in places like Atlanta, Denver, New York City, and Orange County, Fla., are open as usual on Fridays. check your local school district website to see if schools are open or closed.

Are banks open on Fridays and Saturdays?

Most banks will be open to the public as usual on Friday, November 1. 10, but will be closed on Saturday, Nov. 11, in commemoration of Veterans Day.

For example, Wells Fargo tells money that its bank branches are open during normal hours on Fridays, but are closed on Saturdays for Veterans Day. The same goes for the branches of HSBC, First Cities Bank, Chase and People’s United Bank: they open on Fridays and close on Saturdays.

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However, some banks keep branches open both days. td bank, for example, says its branches are open during normal business hours this weekend, including Saturday hours.

Will government offices be open?

Because Veterans Day falls on a Saturday this year, the Friday before is observed as an official federal holiday. that means all non-essential government offices, such as the national archives facilities and passport agency buildings, will be closed this Friday.

is the post office open? Will the mail be delivered?

There is conflicting information about post office hours and postal service this weekend. Post offices are normally closed on the day a federal holiday is observed, which is Friday, November 1. 10, this year. but the money came to a u.s. postal service representative, confirming that there will be regular mail delivery and post offices will be open as usual on Friday. on saturday, nov. 11, however, post offices will be closed and no mail will be delivered in honor of Veterans Day.

Is the stock market open or closed?

the new york stock exchange will trade as usual on friday, november 10. 10. is closed for normal business every weekend on Saturday and Sunday; veterans day 2017 is no exception.

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