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Although we prefer instant messages more, emails are still an important communication tool. Mainly for work and school. Because of its importance, you want your emails to arrive on time and be accessible on all your devices. but that’s not always the case, as some users report emails not showing up on their iphones.

I guess you are bothered by a similar problem. so keep reading this article and hopefully we’ll get those emails back together again.


  1. check your get mail settings
  2. verify your account
  3. delete your email account and set it up again
  4. check your connection to internet</li
  5. check icloud storage space
  6. turn on background app refresh

fix: emails not showing up in iphone mail app

apple’s own email application is the number one choice for many users. works with the most popular email services, so it allows you to collect all your mail, instead of having to install an app for each service. that’s why most of this article is devoted to missing emails in the mail app. therefore, if you have encountered this problem, please refer to the solutions below.

1. check get mail settings

fetch new data is a feature that tells your iphone how often to check for new email. Within this configuration section, there is the push option that automatically absorbs new data as soon as it is available. this allows you to receive emails instantly. if your fetch settings are not set to send, you will not receive new emails in real time.

so the first thing we are going to check is if the fetch new data function is configured correctly. this is how it’s done:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Head over to Mail > Accounts.
  3. Tap Fetch New Data.emails not showing iphone
  4. Make sure that the Push option is enabled.
  5. Additionally, make sure the Automatically option is selected, under the FETCH section.

2. check your account

If you’re using the default iPhone Mail app as your primary email service, you’ll need to sync it with all of your accounts. If you haven’t synced all your email accounts with the app, new emails just won’t show up. Here’s how to make sure you have all your email accounts in sync:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Head over to Mail > Accounts.emails not showing iphone background app refresh
  3. Go through the list of all your connected accounts, and make sure the Mail option is enabled for each one of them.
  4. In case you want to add another account, just tap Add Account, choose the email service provider, enter your credentials, and follow further instructions.

3. delete your email account and set it up again

If none of the above solutions worked, let’s try adding your email account again. this is how it’s done:

  1. go to settings.
  2. go to mail > accounts.
  3. tap the account you want to add back.
  4. tap remove account and confirm.
  5. now, go to add account.
  6. choose the email service provider, enter your credentials and follow the additional instructions.

4. check your internet connection

You cannot receive new emails if you are not properly connected to the internet. therefore, quickly make sure that there is no problem with your internet connection. check both wifi and data.

In case you notice there is a problem with your internet connection, please refer to this article for further possible solutions.

5. check icloud storage space

If you don’t have enough storage space in your icloud account, you won’t be able to store new emails. therefore, be sure to free up space for new mail to sync. you can check your icloud storage by going to settings > [your name] > icloud.

the basic 5gb storage that apple offers for free probably won’t be enough for all your stuff. therefore, consider upgrading your storage plan to provide enough space for everything. you can check icloud storage options here.

emails not showing up in a third party app on iphone

As you may have already noticed, the solutions above apply to the default iPhone mail app. But, a lot of users don’t actually use the default option as they prefer a third party alternative like gmail or outlook. And to be honest, third-party mail services are sometimes more convenient, especially if you’re not very familiar with the Apple ecosystem.

We have articles dealing with this problem with the most popular alternatives, gmail and outlook. therefore, if you are unable to receive emails in any of these applications, I suggest you check out our dedicated articles for more precise solutions:

  • I am not receiving emails from gmail
  • I am not receiving emails from outlook

turn on background app refresh

A universal solution for missing emails in any third-party app is to enable the background app refresh option. Without this option, your iPhone will not be able to constantly receive new mail. so whatever app you’re using, make sure background app refresh is turned on.

Background App Refresh is an iOS feature that allows apps to check for new content even when running in the background. With this feature disabled, your email clients (among other applications), will only check for new emails once you are inside the application. so to make sure you get new emails all the time, not just when the app is on the screen, make sure this feature is enabled.

This is how it’s done:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Head over to General > Background App Refresh.Emails not showing up on iPhone? Here's what to do - Mobile Internist
  3. Make sure the Background App Refresh option is on.
  4. Also, scroll down the list of apps, and make sure Background app refresh is enabled for the select email app specifically.

that’s it. hope at least one of these solutions helped you with missing emails on your iphone. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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