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Tutorial: How to Insert a Table in Your Email

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This new tool makes it quick and easy to insert tables into your Gmail emails

You’re writing an email. It’s data-centric. And right now, it would be just the perfect time to include a table in the message and send it off. But…it’s Gmail—and while we know that Gmail is amazing, we also know that trying to insert tables into your Gmail emails is downright annoying. That is, until now: because has created Gmail Tables, an easy-to-use extension with plenty of options to meet all of your table-ing needs. Here in this post, we’ll discuss just how much of a time-suck it is trying to insert tables without Gmail Tables by Then, we’ll unveil this new tool and discuss its ins and outs.

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But first, before we dive in, watch the movie below.

Before Gmail Tables by A Woeful History

The potential benefits of using tables in emails are plentiful, but unfortunately, tables have never been easy to insert into Gmail.

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So, what are the potential benefits? Basically, tables allow you to deliver data with a clean, aesthetically pleasing presentation. In practice, that could look like:

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✔️ Sales professionals showcasing different pricing options

✔️ Event planners sharing event schedules/timetables

✔️ Customer support specialists creating checklists for troubleshooting instructions

✔️ Managers and team-leads acknowledging top-performing team members/top metrics

Whatever your intention, you’re already sure you want a table in your Gmail message. Sadly, there’s no table function within Gmail. So, you do a quick internet search and discover a variety of options, none completely satisfying. Copying and pasting tables into Gmail from Excel or Word can mean losing several formatting options, such as text color or border thickness, leading some to suggest saving the table as a separate file and sending it as an attachment, or even screenshotting the table. Others suggest creating tables in Google Sheets first and then copying in, or even creating tables in Excel, copying to Outlook, and then copying to Gmail. Still others recommend a Chrome extension like “+table.” Even though it’s useful, “table+” includes no formatting options.

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Where’s the solution for natively inserting formatted tables into Gmail messages? Really, isn’t there something out there?

Create tables from within Gmail’s Gmail Tables is your solution. Finally, with this Chrome extension, you can create formatted tables from within Gmail emails—and in under 30 seconds.

Download Gmail Tables and you’ll be able to customize:

✅ Text color and background✅ Border color✅ Border size✅ Header row✅ Header column

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How do I custom format my table?

First, download the extension. Then, open a new email.In the options bar at the bottom of the composition box, you’ll see that there is a new button: a rectangle around three dots. Click it! A menu will appear. Click “Table.”A new window will appear with formatting options:Number of rowsNumber of columnsSpacingPadding (cell height)Border thicknessWidth (cell width)Header row/columnAnd header row/column background colors.Control for your specifications. Then, click “Okay.”Now you have a new table in your email message!

Download now!

At last, you can create tables that are natively inserted into your email for any kind of list you want to display. Forget the hassle of using outside applications. Instead, keep things simple and in-house. Give Gmail Tables by a try today!

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