How to use tinder and actually get dates

The world of online dating is a wonderfully exhilarating and confusing place, all at the same time. With the rules of the dating game changing at a lightning-fast pace, one is often left wondering how to get dates on Tinder.

Even more so, when you see people around you have dates lined up six ways from Sunday, get into relationships and even find their happily ever after on the dating platform. Meanwhile, you just can’t get dates on Tinder. You may get swiped right a lot, match with interesting people but then things just fizzle out. Or perhaps your profile just doesn’t get noticed as much as you’d like.

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Can you get dates on Tinder? If so, how? You may have found yourself wondering. Perhaps, you haven’t found success on Tinder because you’re not approaching online dating the right way. Let’s change that, shall we?

How To Get Dates On Tinder – The 10-Step Perfect Strategy

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How To Get Dates On Tinder – The 10-Step Perfect Strategy

Signing up on Tinder alone isn’t enough to give your dating life a boost. The answer to how to get dates on Tinder lies in knowing what segment of users you’re targeting and making your profile desirable to this target audience. Then, you need to take a proactive approach to make the right swipes, get matched and take things forward.


Keep the conversation going even after you’ve made date plans

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Let’s say you ask the other person out sometime mid-week and make plans for the weekend. Don’t think that your job here is done and forget about them until the appointed day. It will only send out a signal that you’re not really invested in them as a prospect. Keep the conversation going as usual and use this time to learn more about your date’s likes and dislikes so that you make the date as perfect as possible.

You see, getting dates on Tinder is no rocket science. All you need is a strong, effective strategy on how to get dates on Tinder. That, along with your charm and flirting skills is enough to see you through.

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1. How long does it take to get a Tinder date?

There is no specific timeline to how long it takes to get a Tinder date. You may get one in the first few weeks of using the app or may end up waiting for months to find a real date on Tinder. It all depends on the strategy you use to approach people. If you do it right, finding dates isn’t a long-drawn process.

2. Is it easy to get a date on Tinder?

Yes, with the right moves, you can get a date on Tinder in a matter of days or hours even, depending on how proficient you are. For that, you need to work on your bio, pictures and online dating moves.

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3. How to use Tinder for hookups?

If you want to use Tinder for hookups, it’s best to drop a hint to that effect in your opening line itself. Once both people are clear on what they’re signing up for, hooking up becomes a smoother experience. But don’t come off as a creep by leading with overtly sexual advances. Start slow, and gradually build up the sexual tension before asking for the person’s number and reaching them out to hook up.

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4. What is a good first Tinder date?

For a first Tinder date, you could get drinks together or go out to dinner. Anything from a fancy meal to sharing a pizza at your favorite café can turn out to be a great first Tinder date. It all depends on your mutual interests and likes.

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