Indents, Tabs, And Lists – How Do I Set The Tab Key In Gmail

How to indent a bulleted list in Gmail message editor with Mac, Chrome & Finnish keyboard?

Bulleted list can be toggled with Shift+⌘+8 -> Works OK.

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Gmail editor”s button has tooltip with shortcuts ⌘+< (indent) ⌘+> (de-indent). However, I haven”t been able to succesfully do that since in Mac Chrome those shortcuts are mapped for for History -> Back & History -> Forward

Something I”ve tried:

Plain < & > can be entered with Alt+7 & Alt+8 on my keyboard⌘+< & ⌘+>: History -> Back & History -> ForwardAlt+⌘+7 / Alt+⌘+8 : NothingShift+Alt+⌘+7 / Shift+Alt+⌘+7 : Selects previous/next tab⌘+7 : Changes to 7th tab⌘+/ (in Finnish keyboard ⌘+Shift7) : Opens “Help” menu at Mac menu bar.

Not so crucial but would speed up email writing every now and then.

gmail keyboard-shortcuts
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I am able to use the following shortcuts:

Indent: Command + } Outdent: Command + { or Enter
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Original poster suggested following key combination to type a bullet (·):

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Shift + option + 8

For some reason, that does not work for me (macOS Sierra & Finnish keyboard layout). I get a bullet by pressing following keys:

Shift + option + .

I hope this helps if anybody else has same problem.

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To indent further inside, you press Tab.

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To indent outside, i.e. to decrease indent, you just press Enter with the bullet being empty.

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Yes there are various shortcuts available for indenting the bullet list in gmail message editor with Mac.These shortcut keys are like :-Ctrl+shift+7 is the shortcut key for numbered list.Ctrl+shift+8 is the shortcut key for a bullet list.The above both the shortcut keys are useful for the Google Docs also.

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