5 Ways To Unlock HTC Phone With Or Without Factory Reset

if you forgot a password/pattern/pin on your htc phone and want to unlock it, this article will surely help you. here, you will get some workable solutions on how to unlock htc phone. then just apply them one by one and get rid of this problem.

You can remove htc lock screen via google account, adb (android debugging bridge) or backup pin. Also, you can try another best option which is android unlock tool to unlock your locked phone without losing data.

how to unlock htc phone if i forgot password?

solution 1: recommended solution: try android unlock tool

If you don’t want to use complicated methods to unlock your htc phone, you can try the powerful android unlock tool. This utility is specially designed to unlock locked android phone without factory reset.

It is capable enough to unlock pattern, pin, password or even fingerprint locked phone screen without losing data.

The best thing about this program is that it is 100% safe & safe to use. To know how to unlock htc phone for free using this tool, just follow the user guide.

solution 2: how to unlock htc phone? forgot password without factory reset?

When you set up your htc mobile, you must enter your google account credentials to protect all your personal data. so this is how you can unlock htc mobile usinggoogle account.

follow the following simple steps to do so:

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step 1: simply turn on the htc device by pressing and holding the power button.

Step 2: In the second step, you need to enter the wrong pin or patterns 5-6 times, then you will get the option “forgot my password/pattern”.

Step 3: Next, select the forgotten pattern.

Step 4: Next, enter your email and password>> click sign in.

step 5: after that, htc mobile will confirm the email & password.

Step 6: Now, you will be redirected to the security page.

Step 7: At this point, you can easily change/disable the screen lock.

solution 3: bypass htc phone using adb

another option you can try to remove htc lock screen is to use adb (android debugging bridge). using adb to bypass htc phones is a very time consuming technique and also complicated compared to other solutions.

but you can also try this to address the situation:

  • at first, download adb on the computer by visiting https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/adb.html
  • below , start an installer & download the essential packages on the computer.
  • then connect your htc mobile to a pc with the help of a usb.
  • after that go to the settings then about phone >> “build number” 7 times & will enable a developer path on your htc.

Build number

  • again, go to settingsthendeveloper options& turn on usb debugging


  • at this time, connect your device to a system >> open a command prompt in an installation directory of your adb.
  • here, you need to type the command “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” & press
  • reboot your htc smartphone & access it.
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solution 4: how to unlock htc phone? forgot password using backup pin?

When we enable pattern/pin lock on our smartphone, 1 security pin will be requested at the same time. So if you also have the backup pin available, you can try unlocking your htc device using a backup pin.

To solve how to unlock htc phone forgot password with backup pin, follow these steps:

  • first of all, go to htc pattern lock
  • then try several wrong attempts to unlock it, you will get the message that it is “try after 30 seconds”
  • here you will see the & touch it.

unlock HTC phone forgot password

  • now, enter a backup pin & the well
  • lastly, putting a backup pin can help you htc unlock your device.

Solution 5: Remove htc lock screen by factory reset

Warning: Before applying this solution, do not forget to keep a backup of all your important data.

If the above methods fail to remove htc lock screen, then your last option is to factory reset an htc device.

but remember one thing, performing a factory reset will delete all files on htc phone including installed programs, drivers etc. & return your phone to its default settings.

  • at first, turn on the htc smartphone.
  • then, open the settings>> backup & reset >
  • in the third step, you need to choose factory data reset option.

Factory data reset

  • then select “wipe everything/reset device” option.
  • now, you need to wait until the reset process is finished, reboot your htc device .
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how to unlock htc phone with broken screen?

It is really very irritating when the smartphone is locked & you cannot access the data stored on it. In such case, it is a common question that may arise in your mind: how to unlock htc phone with broken screen?

Well, you can unlock a phone with a broken screen using the powerful android unlock tool. it is powerful enough to easily remove lock screen pin, pattern or password from a phone with locked, dead or broken screen.

frequently asked questions:

end result

Well, it’s a really very annoying situation when you want to unlock your phone’s locked screen but you don’t remember the pin, password or pattern, isn’t it?

But there is nothing to worry about as here I have specified the top 5 ways to unlock htc phone with or without factory reset. therefore, you can apply them according to your niche and hope that they will help you out of the situation.

Last but not least, if you liked our guide & you found it useful, then don’t forget to share it with other people facing the same problem.

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