Furby Connect Review with Hasbro

When we were told that the new Furby Connect would be sent to us for review, I’d be lying if I didn’t have a little doubt. We had the Furby Boom off the top toy list last year and the fun of the product didn’t last long. However, as soon as Furby Connect arrived on our doorstep, we all fell in love.furby-connect-reviewfurby-review -connect- review

Before you get into the play side of this interactive toy, there are many things you can do to interact with your Furby. Like tickling its tummy, moving its antenna, you can feed it with your finger, tilt or turn it upside down, play music for your Furby, and even introduce it to other Furby friends.


On the game side of Furby Connect , there is a whole new world of fun to enter. You can watch videos with your Furby, you can feed it, and you can even hatch furblings too. From hatching the eggs to having to crack them by hand {or tapping the screen with your finger to crack the eggshell} and generally taking care of all your little furblings too.furby-connect-review furby-connect-world-app

There are so many great things about this product and after a few moments of hearing the previous Furby Boom wake up and chat with… who knows… in the dead of night, I’m so excited to see that the Furby Connect comes with a sleep mask. The sleep mask snaps over the small button in the middle of Furby’s forehead and puts him to sleep. He’ll say something cute like “Later Bestie!” or “I’ll be back!” before snoring a few times and going silent.

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The Furby Connect also gets updates, so it will actually learn new phrases and songs, which is a great addition to this Furby product. I also love how interactive you get to be with Furby while playing the Furby World app. You have to gracefully hold him over the toilet {yes, you heard me right} and gently squeeze his sides to help him poop. Disgusting, I know. But it’s quite fun, and the kids love it.

To feed your Furby you can go to the huge cannon inside the Furby World app, choose its food and throw it at it. Then he’ll chew and chew happily while making all kinds of happy noises. Our Furby has also been complaining about having something stuck in its throat, and to fix it we were told to put your finger on its tongue to help it out, this causes it to vomit all over your phone screen {which you swipe to clean}. Again gross but pretty fun and again kids love it.

Now for the price. At first, I heard rumors that it was £99! Which, regardless of what game my kids will get {and get} from this product, I personally wouldn’t spend that on a toy. However, I found it for £69.99, which I think is much more reasonable and a price I’d happily consider spending.

Overall, we’re big fans of Furby Connect. It’s a lot of fun and there are so many things to do to stay on top of all things Furby! Whether it’s talking to him, caring for Furblings, or even learning something from the furbish dictionary {provided in the “First Steps” booklet!}. Kids love everything about it and as a parent I love that it comes with a sleep mask! It’s like a little extra feature! 😉

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Disclosure: This Furby Connect was sent to me for my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own.


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