‎Fake Profile Generator On The App Store, Tinder Maker

Tinder opened up an entirely new perspective on the world of dating. However, it also unlocked new ways to take advantage of the digital world.

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You can also sign in via your Gmail or your mobile phone. It will allow you to upload images from your own device but it’s simple to track and a bit less secure.Enter the credentials of your fake Facebook account.Note: If you’re already signed-in to Facebook with another account on your device, you need to log out first.Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Tinder profile.

That’s it! Your fake avatar is up and running.

Double-check whether you’ve signed in from your fake profile before you start using it. If everything is alright, you’re ready to roll.

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You’re Walking on Thin ice…

Before you start your fake profile adventures, you should know that it’s against Tinder’s policy. According to the app’s regulations, duplicate or fake accounts are not allowed.

For one, they mess up the algorithm (people are matching with too many fakes) and user experience. Moreover, if you’re using it for catfishing, spying, or any other type of deception, you’re committing a serious crime.

Therefore, even if you have a good reason, you should think twice before breaking the official rules of the app.

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So what are your reasons for making a fake profile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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