How to Mail Wedding Invitations to Guests Through USPS

Do you have questions about sending your wedding invitations? you have come to the right place. We’re breaking down the most frequently asked questions for sending invitations through the United States Postal Service, from preparation to delivery to the postal worker. If you’re ordering your stationery from The Knot Invitations, you can save time by taking advantage of our guest address service. that way, your envelopes will already be pre-addressed when guests arrive. Otherwise, organizing your set of invitations and addressing the envelopes is the first step in preparing your invitations to be mailed. do you want to know where to go from there? Read on for our top tips.

How do you prepare your wedding invitations to be mailed?

If you don’t know exactly how to get your wedding invitations ready to mail, don’t worry, it’s pretty easy. First, organize your stationery so that it is properly stored inside each envelope. (psst, if you’re not sure which order to follow, just check out our guide to putting together wedding invitations.)

Once you’ve completed this for everyone on your guest list, the next step is to calculate postage. Before you go crazy buying a ton of wedding stamps, here’s a nifty trick to help you determine the exact amount of postage required, which could be more than the $0.58 needed for a basic forever stamp. take a fully assembled invitation to the post office and have it weighed by a postal employee. the price for sending an invitation must be the same for the others.

Finally, double check all the details before taking your invitations to the post office. Checking addresses might not seem like a super fun way to spend Saturday night, but it’s an essential part of getting your wedding invitations ready to go in the mail. If anything, it will give you and your soon-to-be spouse peace of mind once your invitations begin their journey to guests’ mailboxes.

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How do you make sure your envelopes are secure?

For many, licking the sticky backing of an envelope is the best way to seal the deal. But when it comes to wedding invitations, licking through a huge stack of envelopes sounds exhausting at best, and dangerous and unhygienic at worst. no one wants to risk a paper cut that many times. instead, moisten the adhesive on the envelope with a cotton swab or brush. this makes it easy to cover the entire adhesive strip on the envelope.

If your invitations are particularly bulky or the adhesive on your envelope isn’t working as it should, there are other ways to help secure products. After moistening and sticking the adhesive, place your invitations under a heavy book or paperweight to reinforce the closure. As a last resort, if your envelopes won’t stay closed, try using an additional adhesive, such as a glue stick or double-sided tape. just be aware that this can be a bit tricky and will make it more difficult for guests to open your invitations.

Is it necessary to add stamps before going to the post office?

It’s a good idea to add enough postage before you drop off your wedding invitations at the post office. If you arrive hoping to stamp and ship your invitations the same day, you risk not receiving the desired stamps. this could mean compromising the aesthetics of your outer envelopes, as well as paying more for postage if stamps in smaller denominations are not available. having your invitations ready to mail will also make your interaction with the postal worker quicker and easier for both of you.

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Where should you send your wedding invitations from?

When deciding where to drop off wedding invitations, there’s only one proven option if it goes through the USPS. no matter how easy you think it will be to send your wedding invitations, take them to the post office and give them to a member of staff. Putting your invitations together is no easy task, so it’s completely understandable if you just want to drop them in a mailbox and be done with them, but it’s worth going the extra mile to make sure everything is in order and your guests get their invitations.

what do you need to ask at the post office?

You may still have some questions about getting your wedding invitations mailed, even after you’ve done all the prep work. In fact, there’s one question in particular to ask the post office clerk that day: can they cancel your invitations by hand? canceling your invitations (meaning when the stamp is marked or crossed out to prevent reuse) by hand means they won’t go through a machine, which can cause wear and tear. If your invitations are bulky or contain embellishments on the outer envelope (think: ribbon, twine, or wax seals), you should definitely request this service.

one thing to note: depending on the post office, there is often a small additional fee per envelope to cancel by hand. It also takes longer to perform this service manually, so be prepared for a longer wait at the post office. if possible, you should always visit during “slow” times (no matter how they cancel your postage). early weekday mornings are a good time to drop off your invitations; avoid the lunchtime rush at all costs.

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How do you send wedding invitations internationally?

Planning to send wedding invitations to guests internationally? there are a few additional steps you need to take before you can securely send your invitations. The first item on your agenda should be to double check the postage. The cost of sending wedding invitations internationally is more expensive than sending them to guests in the United States. For country-specific guidelines on postage requirements and restrictions, your best bet is to check the USPS website. be sure to check back right before you mail your invitations in case anything has changed. For example, USPS may no longer ship to the country you’re shipping to, in which case you’ll need to contract an international courier service, such as FedEx or DHL.

It’s also a good idea to allow a little extra time for your invitations to reach their destination. Send international invitations 8-10 weeks in advance to allow time for customs clearance and shipping delays. Your guests will also need more time to mail their RSVPs. As an alternative, consider offering a digital RSVP option for international guests. that way, they can send their reply as quickly as possible without having to buy a stamp or go to the post office.

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