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how to send a letter internationally through usps

usps offers the cheapest and most convenient way to send a letter internationally. With a USPS Global Forever stamp, you can mail a 1-ounce letter or send a postcard internationally for just $1.30. Today, businesses rely heavily on direct mail marketing campaigns to effectively reach customers and prospects.

send a letter from usa. uu. to another country is different from postal shipments that are sent nationally. and if you think postage is the only difference between mailing a letter internationally and mailing a letter domestically.

so, here is a step-by-step guide on how to send a letter by international mail. pay close attention to the steps because any mistakes can delay the delivery of your direct mail or be returned.

In addition to this, you will also lose the money you spent on postage and printing of the direct mail letter.

Step 1: Check if your letter is eligible for international delivery

When sending a letter internationally, you need to make sure it meets USPS standards for fast and easy delivery. However, USPS standards aren’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to international mail.

When sending a letter internationally, companies must follow the postal regulations of the specific country to which they wish to send mail. Companies can use the USPS Country and Locality Index to verify if their senders comply with the postal regulations of the corresponding country.

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Fortunately, you don’t need a customs form to send correspondence or non-negotiable documents that have no cash value. however, it is worth noting that you may only use USPS International First Class Mail Service for such correspondence.

step 2: choose an envelope or postcard

When it comes to business communication through international mail, you have two options:

  1. envelope
  2. postcards

Postcards are generally preferred for direct mail marketing campaigns because they can include images and are relatively inexpensive. however, postcards may not be the best option for you if the mail contains sensitive information.

On the other hand, envelopes can protect any information inside the mail and provide some privacy. Also, letters that come in an envelope are often considered more professional by recipients.

step 3: write the address of your letter/postcard

The address format you use for international mail may differ for different countries. it would help if you also considered language barriers. English is not a language used in all parts of the world. therefore, in addition to typing the address in English, you may need to add the translation after each address line.

envelopes: When addressing an envelope, use the upper left corner to write the return or return address. you can write the delivery address in the center of the envelope, but closer to the bottom. do not forget to mention the name of the country where the sender and recipient reside in their respective addresses.

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postcards: postcards have a designated space for you to write the address and therefore there is no possibility of error.

The address portion of your correspondence is crucial because proper formatting will ensure your letter/postcard is delivered on time. Here are some quick tips that can help with your international address format:

  • print instead of writing the address
  • use capital letters
  • use a pen/permanent marker to write the address
  • avoid using commas or periods in postal addresses

step 4: calculate shipping costs and apply them

You can use a First Class Mail Forever Global International Stamp that costs just $1.30 to send a 1-ounce letter or postcard anywhere. Postage stamps are available at your nearest post office, self-service kiosks, and approved postal providers like pharmacies.

Stamp Placement: If you are using an envelope, you must place the stamp in the upper right corner of the envelope. affixing the postage stamp is easy for postcards because they have a space marked for postage.

additional postage & additional services: if the weight or size of the envelope exceeds the specified limit, you will have to pay additional postage. In addition, you can also opt for additional services such as proof of delivery, signature services, and other optional services from USPS.

step 5: send your international letter or postcard

Now that your envelope/postcard is addressed and postage correct, you’re ready to mail it. You have several options for sending a letter internationally. putting it in your mailbox is the most convenient way to send international mail if you’re not in a hurry.

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If you have a cluster mailbox, make sure to put it in the outgoing mail slot. you can also drop it off in a blue collection box at the post office or take it to the post office lobby depot. however, please note that you cannot use the collection box if it weighs more than 10 oz or is more than ½” thick.

If the envelope exceeds the specified size/weight limits, you must take it to the post office and give it to them. there are other cases where you should avoid using a collection box. you can find more information about what you can and cannot deposit in a collection box here.

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