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Boxes are a shipping staple. they hold large quantities of items, are sturdy and strong, and can be customized to fit your brand.

However, sometimes you don’t need all the space a box offers. If you’re shipping smaller items and want to save money, consider using a bubble envelope.

Bubble mailers are thin, padded envelopes that come in various sizes and cost less to post. they still offer protection to your item but without the bulk and higher shipping costs of a box. Bubble mailers can be confusing to mail, whether it’s because of postage, weight limits, or packing procedures.

boxgenie is here to guide you through everything you need to know about these slim and flexible box alternatives.

what is a bubble mailer?

Before we begin, it’s important to understand what a bubble mailer is. A bubble envelope is a paper or plastic envelope lined with a layer of bubble wrap. They come in a wide range of sizes, usually rectangular in dimension.

There is a difference in size between the outside and inside of a bubble envelope. keep this in mind when selecting the right envelope for your product. usable size is the inside space of the envelope; make sure you have enough space for your items.

Bubble envelopes are often referred to as padded envelopes. padded envelopes are envelopes that use foam, paper, or bubble wrap as a protective layer on the inside of the envelope. the terms are often used interchangeably.

However, bubble envelopes are padded envelopes, but not all padded envelopes are bubble envelopes.

when to use a bubble banner ad

postal boxes offer the most protection and stability. however, there are many situations where a bubble envelope is the preferred container for shipping your items.

Bubble envelopes are best for small, lightweight, fragile items that need protection during transit. Flat items such as books, CDs, jewelry, and documents fit nicely into the rectangular envelope. these items do not require the full packaging and space of a shipping box.

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A 2010 study found that packages experience up to 27 drops or drops in a single shipment. therefore, it is important that your items are protected, even if they do not fall into the category of fragile items. A bubble envelope offers protection for smaller items that you might not consider fragile, but are still susceptible to breakage.

where to find a bubble mailer

You have decided that you want to use a bubble envelope to ship your fragile items. now where can you find one? Do you have to visit an office supply store or your local post office?

The answer is yes and yes. Bubble mailers in a variety of sizes and colors can be found at most retailers or can be ordered online. most come in bulk and cost less than ten dollars. many carriers even make their own with their name stamped on them.

Determine the size of shipping bag you’ll need before you buy one. this narrows down your options and allows you to compare prices more efficiently.

how to pack a bubble envelope

Bubble mailers come lined with a protective layer of bubble wrap. for most items, that layer provides enough protection. no need to add more packing material inside the envelope.

however, you may still be concerned about the security of your article. if this is the case, and there is room in the envelope, you can add another layer of bubble wrap or packing paper around your item.

This provides additional protection, but also additional weight, so weigh your priorities.

how to send a bubble mailer

Once you’ve determined if a bubble mailer is right for you and selected the appropriate one, it’s time to mail it out. the process for sending the envelope depends on whether you are taking it to a carrier or scheduling a pickup, and how you want to label it.

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stamp your bubble mailer

Before mailing, double check that the envelope is properly sealed and that there are no holes. Items may fall out during transportation if the envelope is not well sealed or torn.

tag your ad with bubbles

the envelope must have a label to be sent. if you choose to label it yourself, make sure all the necessary items are present and legible. include the delivery address in the center, the return address in the upper left corner, and the postage in the upper right corner.

In many cases, however, you will attach a carrier-created label to the shipper. If you are taking your envelope to the carrier, you can print the label ahead of time or have the carrier print it.

The carrier will weigh the envelope and charge you the corresponding price. You will provide your information to the carrier, and they will print a label and attach it to the mail.

ship your package

If you want the carrier to pick up your mail, you must schedule a pickup. Most carriers ask you to fill out a form on their website, print it out, and attach it to the mail. The carrier then comes to pick up the package and weighs it at his office.

Carriers have different prices based on the ratings they assign to weights and sizes. The USPS, for example, considers envelopes 0.75 inches or smaller, and anything larger, a package. the advertisement then has a price as such.

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basically, to send a mail, the carrier needs to know the delivery address and the weight of the package.

cost to send a bubble mailer

Just like boxes, the cost to ship a bubble mailer depends on factors like weight and speed of delivery. however, using a bubble envelope to ship your items costs less than using a box.

cost of bubble mailer

There are two costs to consider when choosing to use a bubble mailer to submit your articles. the first is the cost of the mail itself. as we said before, this depends on the brand, size and style of the envelope.

Usually, the smaller and thinner the envelope, the lower the price. In general, envelopes cost significantly less than corrugated boxes.

bubble mail shipping rates

The second cost, and more complicated, is the price of postage. this fee varies from carrier to carrier and is based on the weight of the item and how quickly you want the item to arrive at its destination.

Not only do the envelopes cost less than a shipping box, they also cost less in postage. Envelopes weigh less than boxes and take up less space, so shipping costs less.

happy shipping

If a box seems too big for your items, don’t be afraid to send it small and use a bubble envelope. Bubble mailers are an easy way to reduce shipping cost when shipping smaller items. they still offer protection to your item as a box would, but cost less to purchase and ship.

Think outside the box: use a bubble mailer. visit box genie for more shipping products and tips.


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