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key points:

  • the average gift basket is $45-$50, not including shipping
  • usps, fedex and ups can safely ship your gift baskets
  • usps charges $11.15 per package for additional handling of fragile packages

The gift basket industry is growing 3 to 5 percent a year. This means that eCommerce merchants need to know all the ins and outs of sending gift baskets to keep up with the growing industry. From wine gift baskets to gourmet food, all gift baskets require special care for packaging.

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so how do you send a gift basket safely? Merchants will want to double up on packaging to ensure the durability of their packaging. Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, newspaper, and other protective materials are vital to the security of your shipment. Plus, the last thing you want is a stressful shipping experience.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to send a gift basket so merchants can learn the best way to send gifts this holiday season.

how to pack a gift basket

Sending gift baskets requires extra love and care when it comes to packaging. Otherwise, merchants risk damaging the shipment during transit.

How to Package Gift Baskets for Shipping

Crumpled paper, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap all come in handy when it comes to how to send a gift basket. Gift baskets often come with many items, which means you need to secure your package so items don’t move around during the delivery process.

Looking for the best way to send gifts? Here’s a more detailed look at how to pack gift baskets for shipping.

secure the gift basket with bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is your new best friend when sending gift baskets. Wrap your gift basket in a layer of bubble wrap to prevent damage.

Bubble wrap is one of the most effective ways to ensure your gift basket doesn’t shift during transit. That’s why merchants should wrap a layer of bubble wrap around their gift basket before packing it in a shipping box.

Fortunately, bubble wrap is inexpensive and readily available at places like uline, amazon, staples, and many other online retailers.

choose the right size box for your gift basket

Gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can’t pick any box when sending gift baskets. Also, you want to allow for an extra two inches of space to add cushioning materials to the corners of the shipping box.

usps, ups and fedex offer free shipping boxes and packing materials for your shipments. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for custom packaging for your business, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for custom shipping boxes.

insert cushioning materials in the corners of the box

Choosing the right size box and wrapping your gift basket in bubble wrap can be vital steps in the packaging process, but you’re not there yet. Ultimately, you want to make sure your gift basket stays in place during transit to prevent damage. that’s why you want to add cushioning materials to the corners of the shipping box.

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You don’t have to spend a penny on cushioning materials you can use. most of the materials can be found at the place of residence. here are some cushioning materials you can use on the corners of the box:

  • newspaper
  • shredded, unprinted paper (i.e. brown paper bags)

When it comes to sending gift baskets, the main goal is to make sure your package is secure, and inserting protective materials into the corners of the box does just that.

tag your package correctly

Last but not least, be sure to include a shipping label on the top of the box. Also, you’ll want to have a fragile shipping label if your gift basket contains a lot of breakable items that could break during transit.

usps, fedex and ups offer additional handling for your fragile gift basket shipments. but, there is an additional charge depending on the courier service. For example, USPS charges an additional $11.15 per package.

how much does it cost to send a gift basket?

The average gift basket costs between $45 and $50, which does not include shipping. Also, depending on the courier, you may need to pay additional handling fees for your fragile package. no matter what happens, the following factors determine the final cost of the shipment:

  • courier service
  • delivery speed
  • package weight
  • shipping distance
  • package dimensions

We’ll go over the specific costs of shipping gift baskets so you can choose the best way to send gifts to your domestic and international customers.

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ship with usps

usps is an affordable way to ship your items domestically or internationally. but remember, you’ll have to pay $11.15 for additional shipping handling for your gift basket.

let’s say you want to send a 7 pound gift basket from new york to los angeles, below are the shipping options available with usps:

  • 1 day express priority mail: $89.80
  • 2 day priority mail: /strong>$35.20
  • 2 day large flat rate for priority mail: $22.65
  • ground usps retail: $32.20

Now let’s say you want to send the same £7 package, but from New York to the UK. Below are the options available with USPS:

  • International Priority Mail: $98.45
  • International Priority Mail: $85.85
  • Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box: $108.50

Instead of paying retail shipping rates, easyship saves users up to 89% off discounted shipping rates, including USPS.

This is how USPS compares to the easyship discount using the same £7 example from before.

shipping from new york to los angeles

Cheapest Way to Ship Gift Baskets

Shipping from New York to the United Kingdom

Best Way to Ship Gifts

As you can see, Easyship offers the best available rates for shipping your domestic orders. Instead of paying retail rates, you receive exclusive discounts on major couriers.

shipping with fedex

fedex is a great option for merchants who want quick and fast shipping. however, it is important to note that fedex charges an additional surcharge for shipments over 70 pounds. but for fragile items, you don’t pay extra.

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here are some sample prices for shipping a £7 gift basket from new york to los angeles:

  • fedex first the next day: $273.28
  • fedex 2 days: $134.18
  • fedex express savings: $104.78
  • fedex ground: $29.12

Now let’s calculate the price of the same £7 package, but from New York to the UK:

  • fedex international first: $385.87
  • fedex international priority: $331.12
  • fedex international economy: $285.74

For the delivery of the £7 gift basket, easyship offers better courier rates. here are the best rates offered by easyship:

shipping from new york to los angeles

How to Send a Gift Basket

Now let’s take a closer look at how users can save big with Easyship for the same 7-pound package, but from NY to the UK.

shipping from new york to the uk

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Gift Basket?

Shipping with UPS

ups is a trusted courier company for all your domestic and international shipping needs. Fortunately, UPS does not charge an additional handling fee for fragile shipments. you will only pay extra if your item is over £70.

here are some sample prices to send a £7 gift basket from new york to los angeles:

  • ups next day air: $183.87
  • ups 2nd day air: $108.49
  • ups ground: $32.84

Now let’s calculate the price of the same £7 package, but from New York to the UK:

  • ups worldwide express: $316.36
  • ups worldwide expedited: $290.76
  • ups savings: $308.87

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Alternatively, easyship saves users up to 89% on discounted shipping rates, including surcharges. Here’s how easyship compares using the same £7 package example:

shipping from new york to los angeles

How to Ship a Gift Basket with UPS

Shipping from New York to the United Kingdom

How to Ship a Gift Basket Internationally with UPS

Best Practices to Ship Gift Baskets

There is a lot of room for error when sending gift baskets. That’s why you should make sure to pay special attention to the packaging of your gift baskets.

To avoid damage in transit, check out these tips on the best ways to send gift baskets.

use shipping insurance

Shipping insurance protects merchants and customers from lost, stolen or damaged packages. Every year, three billion packages are lost and damaged. That’s why merchants should use shipping insurance for peace of mind.

easyship offers users up to $5,000 in shipping insurance on any shipment. Plus, save up to 89% on discounted shipping rates at over 250 carriers. Now, you can get the protection you need while getting exclusive access to high-volume discounts.

require signature upon delivery

More than 35 million Americans say they were victims of porch hacking in 2021. To curb this problem, merchants should use signature on delivery services to prevent theft.

usps, fedex and ups offer scheduled delivery services. Here are some popular services that provide a signature upon delivery:

  • usps priority mail express
  • usps retail ground
  • fedex express package services
  • fedex ground services
  • ups next day air
  • ups ground
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Now your customers can have the peace of mind they need this holiday season when they require a signature upon delivery.

wrap each item individually

Consider wrapping your gift basket items individually if they can easily break during transit. bubble wrap, shrink wrap, or other cushioning materials can ensure things don’t break on impact.

For example, if your gift basket contains items made of glass, you’ll want to wrap the item in padded materials to ensure its safety. Alternatively, merchants can use individual boxes or other materials that can safely protect items.

tag the gift as fragile

chances are your gift basket will contain items that are easily broken. that’s why you want to put a “fragile” label on the top of the box and the other corresponding sides. The last thing any merchant wants is for their package to be mishandled.

It’s your job to make sure anyone who comes into contact with the shipment knows that the package is fragile. USPS, FedEx, and UPS offer free shipping supplies, such as “fragile” labels, so postal workers visibly understand that the shipment contains fragile items.

fill empty elements

If you see any gaps inside your shipping box, fill it with packing materials like crumpled paper or newspaper to minimize movement as much as possible. The less hollow space inside the shipping box, the less likely it is that your gift basket will arrive damaged.

so, before you close the box, make sure the entire interior space is filled with cushioning materials. Also, consider adding a pad to the bottom of the box for protection as well.

the best way to send gifts with easyship

Now that you know all the details about sending gift baskets, you’re ready to spread the holiday cheer like a seasoned pro. Before you start sending, remember the following tips:

  • pack your gift basket with ample padding and handle with care
  • label your shipment as fragile on the top of the box
  • include shipping insurance to give you peace of mind

easyship saves users up to 89% off discounted shipping rates at over 250 courier companies. now it’s easier than ever to find the best way to send gifts to your customers. Get instant access to premium shipping tools like our free shipping rate calculator, custom branding suite, and automated label generator.

Looking for the most affordable way to send gift baskets? sign up for a free easyship account and get instant access to high volume discounts

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