How To Get FREE Coupons From Meijer Why You&039re Not Getting Them

how to get free meijer coupons + why don’t you get them

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How To Get FREE Coupons From Meijer!

many of you may have received or just received coupons in the mail from meijer. I love all the free coupons to use at meijer.

These coupons are for meijer and are store coupons. this means you can stack these coupons with manufacturer coupons.

This is what my coupons look like (I get new ones every month):

Free coupons from Meijer

I love that meijer is doing this. I have been receiving these coupons for several months. (they come at the beginning of each month)

***updated on 03/18/2021**

Be sure to read the original information below on how to receive these coupons. however, i want to point out that meijer started sending these same types of coupons to your mperk account instead of by mail. this started in 2019, and I have seen these handpicked offers in my account constantly. I still get the paper ones, but I also get them on my mperk account. So if you have or used to get the handpicked paper coupons, please check your mperk account to see if they are there instead.

so the question everyone wants to know, how do you get free meijer coupons?

  • well, the answer initially seemed pretty straightforward. (seems to be) linked to your mperk account. That’s why I’ve been preaching for years, always, always, always post your relevant information when you shop at Meijer (and at gas stations). Even if you’re just buying a pack of gum, your system (and other store rewards programs) are tracking how you shop.
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You may ask, I am not receiving these free meijer coupons.

  • log in to your mperk account, in your profile to make sure your address information is there and up to date. you can go to my account, shipping, and add your address there. however, please note that simply adding your address to your mperk account guarantees that you will start receiving them. read on to see what I mean.

Well, I did and I still haven’t received them.

**updated** after so many of you have commented that you’ve done everything but still don’t receive the coupons, I decided to reach out to meijer to see exactly how these handpicked coupons work. this is what they said:

de meijer: they are sent monthly and the clients they target vary from month to month. you’re right that deals are based on what customers buy. the program targets people who are on mperks and people who are not, again it varies from month to month.

I asked them a question: “This keeps coming up from my readers: They say they may not understand them, but their neighbors do.” Is there a rhyme or a reason for this?”

de meijer: Currently, we only communicate with around 2 million of our database of over 11 million customers. we are using this time as a test and learn environment. we find the most relevant offers for each client. {and before people grab their forks and get upset about this, here’s how beta programs work. not everyone has the opportunity to participate in the testing/beta programs.}

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**this means you can get them for a month and never get them again! again, this is part of a test system***

conclusion: this is still in test mode for meijer. Here’s how you can help if you’re getting them:

  • Use them!
  • let meijer know you love handpicked coupons. (or if you don’t like them, I guess you can tell them too).
  • Continue to enter your benefit information at checkout.

and these carefully selected coupons will finally be sent to all customers? not at this time.

  • From what I’ve collected (and from what many of you have stated in our meijer group), they’ve been shipping these in various regions/lots. so if their information is there, they may not have reached your region yet. *this is still true as this is a test for meijer as they learn what your buyers need/want. .
  • The other reason you may not receive them is when was the last time you shopped at meijer? if it’s been a long time, that could be why you haven’t received the free coupons.
  • also, if you were shopping at meijer, but didn’t enter your mperk info on record, that could be another reason why you have not received the free coupons.

what I’m going to tell you to do is this:

  • continue to enter your mperk information on registration
  • make sure your address and information is up to date in the meijer mperk account
  • be patient, maybe meijer hasn’t arrived in your region yet.
  • again, this is still in test mode for meijer. You can stay; maybe not.
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what kind of coupons do people get?

everyone will receive different coupons. why? it’s based on how you shop!

my conclusion:

after listening to meijer, my conclusion is this: please continue to use your meijer mperk account, as well as shop at meijer for the things you need. Also, make sure your information is up to date on your mperk account. generally this is still in test mode for meijer so not everyone will get them. Unfortunately, when beta programs happen, not everyone gets them. Let’s keep giving meijer positive feedback and encouragement for everyone to get and keep this program!

**** if you’re not getting them and you did everything, be patient! Meijer clearly told us that they are only sending them to a percentage of their customers. hopefully this program will stick around and everyone will get them. but right now, they are not shipping them to all meijer buyers.

Are you getting free coupons? drop me a line below and let me know (and the region you’re in!)

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