How to fix gmail’s buttons not showing or working

It used to be that one of the must frustrating mistakes a user could make was accidentally clicking the regular Gmail Send button instead of the button.

Clicking the Gmail Send button by accident exposes members of your email list to each other and breaks personalization.

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Numerous users have at some point accidentally clicked the blue Gmail Send button when they meant to click the red button.

The Chrome extension now hides the regular Gmail Send button in certain situations and confirms intent in other situations.

Specifically, if there are more than 20 email addresses in the To field, or if there’s a alias address in the To field, the Send button will be hidden.

If, however, you have more than one Compose window open, then the Send button will NOT be hidden. If the Send button is present, and you have more than 10 email addresses in the To field, and you click Send, you’ll get a popup asking if that’s what you really meant to do, with an option to cancel the send.

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We attempt to hide the Send button because we assume that if you have more than 20 addresses, it is likely that you mean to use the button to send individual emails to each email address rather than the Send button where all of the email addresses would be exposed to each other.


If, however, you want the Send button back after it has been hidden, you can easily make it re-appear. Just add the special email address ShowSend
as the last address in the To field, and within a second, the Send button will re-appear and will remain in that specific Compose window.

You can then remove the ShowSend
address if you wish.

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Anonymous says:
Why not just leave the send button there but make it display a message saying ‘are you sure you want to send it the Google way?’ with a Yes or No button when you click on it when there is more than 10 emails in the To field. This way it reminds you that you might of clicked it by mistake. (yes sends the email no will not allow the email to be sent and email stays open) personally adding that email address is painful as I now need to remember this email address when I have 10+ users in the To field.
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