How to Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail From Your Inbox

  • You can delete folders in yahoo mail via the “folders” list in the sidebar of your inbox.
  • When you delete a folder in yahoo mail, you won’t be asked to confirm the deletion, so make sure you want to delete the folder.
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Email inboxes can get cluttered pretty quickly, especially if you get dozens of emails a day.

Fortunately, these days, many email clients have features to help you organize your inbox. one of the most popular features is the folder system. Mainly, the folder system categorizes your emails so you can keep them separate from each other and easily find them when you need them. yahoo mail is one of those email clients that allows you to organize emails into folders.

if you have created a folder in yahoo mail and you decide that you no longer need that folder to organize your emails, there is a solution for that too: you can delete the folder.

here’s how to do it.

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how to delete folders in yahoo mail

1. Sign in to yahoo mail on your desktop or laptop.

2. In the left sidebar of your inbox, scroll down until you see a section titled “Folders”.

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3. hover your mouse cursor over the folder you want to delete.

4. Click on the little gray arrow pointing down next to the folder name.

5. click “delete”.

6. You will receive a small notification of the deletion from the folder located at the top of your inbox.

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