How to Create a Group Email in Gmail and Send Group Messages

  • you can create a group email in gmail using the tag tool on the google contacts page.
  • after creating a tag with multiple emails, you can add that tag to the recipient line in any email message.
  • If you’re emailing a group of people, it’s considered common courtesy to use the “bcc” line to hide email addresses.

You can easily create a group email in Gmail (sometimes called mailing lists or distribution lists) and send an email to those contacts in just a couple of clicks. this is convenient because you don’t have to manually add many names to the “to” line of an email every time you need to send a message.

Unfortunately, the process is not obvious, so you may not have been able to figure out the steps on your own.

how to create an email group in contacts

To send a group email, you need to start by creating the email group using a tag in google contacts. however, once you create a label, adding all the contacts in the label to the email is simple.

1. open google contacts in a web browser.

2. Hover over the first contact you want to include in your group, then click the checkbox to the left of the name when it appears.

3. check the name of each contact you want to include in the group.

4. When you’re done, click the “manage tags” button at the top of the page. It’s in the form of a label and it’s right next to the “send email” button.

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5. In the dropdown menu, click “create tag”.

6. Enter a name for your email group label and click “save”.

how to create a group email in gmail

1. open gmail in a browser. if gmail was already open in another browser tab, refresh the page.

2. click “compose”.

3. There are two ways to add your email group to this email message. if you remember the name of the tag you just created, enter its name in the “to” line. when you see it appear as a suggestion, click on it and all the members you added to the tag will appear. if you don’t want to type it, click “to” and in the pop-up window, click “my contacts”. then click the name of the list tag.

4. The group should now be in the “to” line of the email, and you can create and send the email as usual.

If you’re sending the email to a group of people who aren’t close friends, family, or co-workers, it’s common email etiquette to put the email addresses on the “cc” line instead of the . “for”, so that everyone’s email address is not shared publicly.

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