How to Build an Email List from your Gmail Account

Creating a mailing list in Gmail is useful when you send mass emails. Since you’re simply adding a list of contacts to your emails, you won’t have to type each email address manually.

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through how to build an email list in Gmail.

However, Gmail’s method has some serious drawbacks.

That’s why I’ll also show you how to use a Mail Merge Tool. Free correspondence to build massive email lists.

This article contains:

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  • How to Build an Email List in Gmail Using Labels
    • 3 Main Drawbacks of the Labels Method in Gmail
  • How to Create an Email List in Gmail With a Mail Merge App
    • Create a mailing list using Gmail labels
    • Create a mailing list using Using Gmail Search
    • Create a Mailing List Using Transactional Email Notification
    • Benefits of the GMass Method

Let’s dive in.

How to Create an Email List in Gmail Using Tags

Whether you want to send bulk emails to your blog subscribers or send bulk emails your colleagues, it can be useful to create a mailing list in Gmail or Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite).

But how do you do that?Simple!

Simply use the Gmail Labels feature.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a Gmail Mailing List using labels:

Step 1Sign in to the Gmail app and click Google Contacts in the Google Apps dropdown menu.


Alternatively, you can visit Go to the Google Contacts page (also known as the Gmail Contacts app) to add a new contact, edit contact details, or create labels for your contact list.

Step 2To create a contact lists, scroll through the list of contacts displayed and select the ones you want to include in the new label. Click the checkbox next to the contact to select it.

Contact List

Step 3Click the label icon to create a label with your new set of selected contacts.

Manage labels

Step 4Once you click the tag icon, a new window will appear.

Select “Create tag” and enter a Google contact group name . Then click “Save” to create your new label for the selected group of people within the Gmail contacts app.

Create tag

Note : The created Gmail group label (mailing list) will be displayed under “Labels ” in the preview pane.

Step 5To send an email to the Google contact group, click the Compose button on your Gmail inbox and type the label name in the To Address field.

Once you enter the group name, you will be able to see the email ids of all the Gmail group members .

Sample draft

Step 6Now write your email message nico and press “Send”.

If you are not a Gmail user and you want to create groups email lists on Microsoft Outlook instead, read my step-by-step guide on how to create group contact lists in Outlook .

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Although creating a mailing list Gmail using the label option is simple, it has some serious limitations.

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3 main drawbacks of Gmail’s label method

Here are three disadvantages of the “create label” method ” from Gmail :

1. Not practical for large contact lists

While Gmail’s labeling feature allows you to easily send mass emails, adding multiple contacts to your email distribution list continues. still a difficult process.

Why?Managing labels in Gmail is time-consuming and error-prone, as you’ll have to manually check your labels. contacts to identify and add contact addresses. When adding a new contact or adding multiple contacts, you could accidentally add the wrong person or miss a contact.

2. No Analytics

Gmail doesn’t give you statistics or analytics about your emails.

While this might not be a problem for casual Gmail users, it’s a major problem for marketers by email and marketers who send multiple emails in bulk every day.

Why?No precise data, such as when the recipient opened the email or on which links clicked, you won’t know if your email marketing campaigns are working or not.

3.Without automatic follow-ups

Using Gmail labels for marketing follow-up emails is next to impossible.

Here’s why: If your mailing list includes 100 people, of whom which 50 didn’t respond, you’ll need to manually add contact addresses to your follow-up emails you can’t add multiple recipients at once. This is going to waste a lot of time, something most email marketers can’t afford.

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Clearly, building email lists in the Gmail app isn’t really the best way to send mass emails.

Don’t worry. I’ll cover three simple methods to build Gmail email lists using a powerful email outreach tool: GMass.

Building an Email List in Gmail with GMass


GMass is a powerful email outreach tool that allows users to run email campaigns from their Gmail inbox.

Its mass emailing features have made it a popular Chrome extension for employees of startups and giants like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Individuals, schools, clubs, or Gmail users who want to send email from your Google account your subscribers or target audience can also use GMass.

The best part?GMass is super easy to use, and anyone! you can get started in no time!

Now, I’ll cover the various ways you can build an email list in Gmail using GMass.

How to build an email list in Gmail with GMass

GMass offers you three easy ways to Create a mailing list in Gmail:

  • Create a mailing list with Gmail search
  • Create a Gmail-Tagged Mailing List
  • Create a Mailing List Using Transactional Email Notification

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an email list in Gmail using the GMass professional email method.

A. How to Build a Mailing List Using Gmail Search

Let’s say you own a new business, Ted’s Tadpole Tanks.

You have a personal Gmail account that you’d like to use to send to everyone who has corresponded with you about tadpole tanks to alert them of your grand opening.

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We’ll use this example and provide a step-by-step guide to sending this campaign .

Step 1Login to your Gmail inbox. Then, enter a search term in the search bar and click the Gmail search button (magnifying glass).

Search Option

Gmail now shows all emails that include the word “tadpole,” our term search. These are people connected with the term “tadpole” in our emails and those we want to reach.

Tadpole Word

Step 2Now, click the “Create Email List” button ” (red magnifying glass).

GMass will begin building an email list using the IDs found in your search result (indicated by a black popup window).

Note: The GMass “Generate Email List” button (red magnifying glass) It only shows up after you’ve done a search in Gmail or clicked on the labels. Either action will result in a specific subset of your Gmail emails being displayed.

Other times, when not currently applicable, the button is not displayed.

Step 3 When GMass has completed building the email list, a Gmail “Compose” window will be displayed.

In the “To” field, an alias address representing the recipients of emails will be displayed. your list. The Gmail send button will also be hidden (find out why).

Hidden search

You can choose to show the send button and recipient addresses in your email list.

New message tab

Note: You can click the GMass icon next to the CC and Bcc buttons to connect to an email list in a Google Sheet or a previous campaign.

Step 4Compose your email subject and message and click the “GMass” button to send the email.

Compose Email

You can do Click “Mail Sent” to view individual emails sent to each recipient, as shown below.

See individual emails

Note: GMass will search a maximum of 5,000 messages for email addresses, if you enter a search term that returns more than 5,000 matching messages, only the most recent 5,000 messages will be used to search for email addresses.

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B. How to Create a Mailing List Using Gmail Labels

GMass allows you to create a mailing list from a label in Gmail.

Unlike creating a mailing list using Gmail’s search using the tag option limits the mailing list to only those you’ve specifically tagged before. Labels provide an extra level of specificity to make your email campaigns more precise.

Step 1Sign in to your Gmail account and click a label in your choice on the left side menu. Gmail will display all emails with that label.

All emails

Step 2Click the “Create Email List” button to generate a contact list.

Step 3GMass will generate a mailing list of all email addresses taken from emails with that label. A Gmail “Compose” window will then be displayed containing your recipients in the “To” address box.

New Message Tab

Step 4Compose your email. Press the “GMass” button to send the email.

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C. How to create a mailing list using any transactional email notification

A transactional email is an email that is triggered by a user action (account creation, comments/ feedback, purchase receipts, etc.) on your website.

Usually, these emails contain user IDs in their subject line.

You can use the Build Email by GMass >List function to quickly build a mailing list from these email notifications.

Step 1Log into your Gmail inbox and enter a search term that returns a set of transactional email notifications. Click the “Build Email List” button.

Create Email List 3

Step 2GMass will start building an email list using the found IDs in the search result (indicated by a black pop-up window).

Step 3When GMass has created the email list, a “Compose” window of Gmail containing an alias email ID representing your recipients in the “To” address field.

Hidden Search 2

You can click “Expand Address” to display email IDs of your recipients in the “To” address field.

New message tab 3

Step 4After composing your email, click on the “GMass” button to submit.

That’s it! Now you can easily create and manage email lists from your Gmail account!

Note: the GMass method only works on desktop and Gmail Mobile App for Android .

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Benefits of the GMass Method

Here’s why the GMass approach better than Gmail’s label method:

  • Time Saver: GMass can easily search and find email addresses within your Gmail account in seconds and Speed ​​up your list building process. You can even upload email lists stored in a Google spreadsheet, Excel, or CSV file quickly.
  • Automatic Personalization: Automatically personalize various aspects of group emails in one recipient-by-recipient basis, including paragraphs, images, links, and attachments.
  • Automatic Follow-Ups: Send automatic email follow-ups for your email campaigns. This way, you don’t have to manually follow up on each email.
  • Customize Follow-ups: Customize everything about follow-ups, such as the number of follow-ups. ups, time intervals between follow-up emails and the follow-up email message.
  • Detailed Statistics and Analytics: GMass provides detailed statistics and analysis of behavioral data of the email recipients. You can use this data to determine whether or not your email campaigns are working and to help increase engagement from your customers.
  • Run email campaigns easily: Create and manage email campaigns for multiple recipients from your Gmail inbox.
  • Use the GMass plugin to manage your campaigns from the Gmail mobile app.

With GMass, you’ll have everything you need to run successful email campaigns and get the most out of your email marketing efforts!

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Building an email list isn’t rocket science.

While Gmail’s labeling feature is useful, it’s a limitation. Instead, using email outreach apps like GMass is a much smarter choice if you want to build email lists and send out group emails in no time.

Why not download the web extension from GMass Chrome today and see for yourself?


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